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Rationed State: Great Reset or Great Eraser?

Britain Queues For Food: Rationing And Food Shortages In Wartime, London, England, UK, 1945, Women queue for potatoes in a greengrocer's shop, somewhere in London. A display of runner beans can just be seen to the right of the photograph. The greengrocer can just be seen serving a customer in the bottom right hand corner, circa 1945. (Photo by Ministry of Information Photo Division Photographer/ Imperial War Museums via Getty Images)

A More Sinister Brand of Collectivism

While we clearly see the Marxist roots of the Climate Change and New Green Deal rescue plans being presented, there is something much more sinister behind this movement.  At least Mao and Stalin talked about rebuilding society, the climate change groups truly want to destroy.  This is article is the first in a series comprised of supporting materials for our upcoming documentary “Rationed State”.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee
 Andrew Montford aptly describes the psyche of the climate change crowd as a Mao-ist cult, and their unthinking devotion to a grand plan has placed dangerous blinders on their eyes.
For those unfamiliar with Communist Chinese history, Mao lead several revolutions, treating the Chinese population as canvas with which a new utopian picture would be painted. 
To gain acceptance, a semblance of egalitarian goals were offered, ones that always proclaimed that by moving forward together a better future was in store, one that would be scientifically guided yet secured by the people. 1958 was no exception, and Mao’s The Great Leap Forward had the grand designs of transforming agrarian Chinese society into an industrial power. So stop farm, find all scrap metal, smelt it in your back yards while cutting down all the trees and together a betters society will be born. As with all Great Works lead by unfiltered hubris and guarded by tyranny, it was an unmitigated disaster.

There are clear parallels to the New Green Deal and Great Reset ethos: rebuild, abandon, follow the Science, and destroy all the dissent by proclaiming climate deniers as dangerous to the very existence of the planet. Embracing solar panel farms in north climates where the sun becomes occluded for the winter seasons is proclaimed an advance in energy production and management, but we do not have a large enough ice scraper to clear all the miles of solar panels that will populate our countryside. There is never mention of the cost of adding variable rate energy to the existing electric grid, there is never mention of the vast number of acres that must be made available to install solar panels to make up for the closure of a coal, natural gas or nuclear power plant. There is never mention made of the amount of foliage and loss of arable land required to support the sheer square acreage needed for the alternative energy sources. That has a cost to the environment as well, but the Cult of Climate Change will not allow that discussion to be had. Interesting that when they refuse to hold a conversation they are never considered “deniers”.

So the parallels between Maoist and Stalinist societies are quite clear:  subordinate the individual to the group, favor the goals of the collective to the prosperity of families, and promote the ideals supporting a scientifically guided and engineered society.  All else is deemed antithetical to progress and building a better future.
But there is a very clear distinction, and one that the Climate Change Cult is quite up front about that somehow does make most people pause.  We must, at all costs, reduce the population.  Why? Because humanity’s very existence consumes resources and destroys the planet.  Ergo, all human activity must be managed more intelligently.   This is the primary justification for a complete overhaul, a grand a rapid makeover of our entire means of of energy and food production.  A Great Reset.
That phrase the Great Reset is also a misnomer.  What do you think of when you hear that phrase?  Reset, well, a start over, a redo.  A reboot?  The expectation is the same when you reboot your smart phone or your laptop.  The software that was installed and of importance will still be there when the power is restored.  But will it be, is that the intent or is there something more sinister that the prime movers of the Climate Change Cult want to achieve?   It is, in fact, not a Great Reset at all.  It’s a Great Erasure. 
They are turning off current energy systems.   The plan is by 2030 to reduce emissions by carbon based fossil fuels by half.  That means no drilling, no fracking, no coal, just shutting down the current main supply of energy that supports our society.  Which means most of that which powers society will need to be vastly different.  But is there a transition plan and way to measure impact of our lives?  What thought has been put toward the effects this will have on food production, on medicine, on electricity for clinics and medical centers?  But they must have a plan, you say, the architects of the future wouldn’t shut off the very foundation of society, it would put billions of people at risk.  Simply look at the members of the World Economic Forum or the Gates Foundation and after you hear the Malthusian mantra of “the planet can only sustain 1 billion people” and you’ll have your answer.  Does that sound like the well being of the 8 billion who will suffer is at the forefront of their consideration?  Listen to the video below and consider if that gives you comfort that uber-intelligent staff at the World Economic Forum have your interests at heart?

Dennis Meadows hopes this can be peacefully.  Hopes.  Doesn’t sound much like a plan.  So while the Climate Change Cult chants about a bright and shiny future better than the Starship Enterprise, yet shout you down when you ask about how they have measured whether we will have the same output levels of electricity with less emissions and nascent technologies, remember that the architects of the Great Erasure have a darker view of population control and they don’t even mask their intent.

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