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OZ Fest: Rationed State – Victory Gardens

In Part One of our documentary series “Rationed State” we examine how our instincts as patriots and Americans galvanized us as a people during World War II as we sacrificed to support war time efforts.  Part of these efforts were the rationing programs instituted to divert supplies to our military and to our allies.  As with all distortion in markets, this quickly created shortages.  To compensate, Americans were encouraged to maintain Victory Gardens and their own self reliance and ingenuity as part of a patriotic effort to get each other through a national crisis.

Fast forward to the COVID crisis and Americans were asked once again to sacrifice for the common good and it was our patriotic duty to trust the Science and our leaders.  In the response to this crisis, there was no place for self reliance and individual efforts as we were all order to remain immobile until experts gave us our marching orders.  Nonetheless, patriotism was invoked as total social control was instituted.

Join O and Zee as we examine how our sense of patriotism was used against us, to condition us to obey and how this drove us into decisions with false choices that had far reaching consequences.  Where will this new neurosis of compliance take us?  Watch and discover.

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