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Show Notes: BEL Episode 11

By The Mighty Humanzee

While we had fun on Episode #11 of Behind Enemy Lines, we devoted a lot of time discussing the explosion that crippled Nordstream 1 and possible involvement of the United States.  John Jackson got us started with these series of tweets.  

Many have questioned what would motivate Russia to destroy the most effective bargaining chip they had with the EU.  This is a good question.  To turn up the pressure during negotiations or to dangle the offer of renewed fuel, Russia needed a functional pipeline.  Need to stop delivery of fuel?  Simply turn of the spigot where they control it.  Want to pretend to be the nice, kind nation to the east?  Offer to resume fuel for concessions.  Germany is between and economic rock and a hard place, as it currently is shutting down iron and steel mills and implement electricity rationing and the winter has not yet begun.  Colder temps and EVs sitting on the side because you can recharge on odd days would be Russia’s best bargaining tactic against Germany.

And it’s not as though there is no history of threatening statements by Biden administration regarding the covert operations.  In fact. Biden predicted he would get what he wanted. 

Video of Biden promising results, with that smirk.

For this entire conflict Biden and his administration has made a series of convoluted and bellicose statements about Russia and Ukraine.  Boris Johnson has actively worked to scuttle peace talks between Zelensky and Russia, traveling as personally to Ukraine earlier this year.  If you research into the history Ukrainian conflict since the early 2000’s, you will learn of our activities there, and how Victoria Nuland in the Obama administration funded causes in Ukraine leading to civil strife.

In the past, operations have been launched with the goal of provocation, forcing an enemy to react and thereby providing justification for retaliation.  In some parlance that is called a false flag.  It provides an administration an excuse to lead in a time of conflict.  In this case the Biden Administration would get a war theater in order to win the midterms and distract the American people from inflation and unemployment.

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