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Meet Great Reset Architect Yuval Noah Harari

History is full of maniacs who have written manifestos that in hindsight shockingly revealed the horrific intent of the author.  The Great Reset is not the exception, it’s’ the rule.

This article is part of the documentary series Rationed State, Part One – Victory Gardens and Part Two – Rationing.  

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

When they turn the pages of historyWhen these days have passed long agoWill they read of us with sadnessFor the seeds that we let grow?

A Farewell to Kings, Neil Peart. 


In our documentary series Rationed State we reviewed the public comments made by members of the WEF who alarmingly concede that while it is imperative that we reduce our population they hope that this reduction can occur peacefully.  Many know the term the Great Reset coined by Klaus Schwab but they have not heard these statements by his think tank.  Many are also unaware that Schwab has an advisor cut from the same cloth as Daniel Callahan, or Danny Boy as my co-host Orange calls himYuval Noah Harari mirrors Callahan in many ways: he is  a philosophy professor who has assumed the mantel of science to project what the future of mankind will be while justifying the draconianing methods that must be used to bring the new “utopia” to fruition.  He is considered Schwab’s main advisor and the driving force behind the philosophy of the Great Reset.

Throughout our research into Community of Care, Sustainable Health Care and the re-engineering of food production systems, we have detected a continuous mantra of “give up individualism, only collective action for the common good will secure the future.”  That is coupled with the condescension by “experts” who maintain that the world is so complex that people can no longer meet their own needs through their ingenuity.  Not surprisingly Daniel Callahan does a bait and switch with the concept of sustainability and swaps in rationing as the main mechanism for providing more services for less people.

Harari does not take the same careful consideration as Callahan, and attacks humanity and ethical systems directly to form the basis of a new moral imperative based roughly on science and materialism.  In the end it is an extreme form of materialism that he employs to justify what you will see as horrific methods as he decouples building a utopia from any kind of moral or religious framework.  His extreme views invalidate that “humanity” as a concept of value even exists at all.  At least with the humanists you have a vague concept that you are working for the betterment of others.  With Harari there is no such pretense.  That should frighten the hell out of you.  I came to know Harari from speeches online and from the book The Great Reset by Alex Jones.  While Alex does a phenomenal job laying Harari’s chilling thoughts bare, my attacks on Harari here are my own.

From his book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind Harari attacks starting with the idea of equality, using some twisted quasi science as his beginning argument:

According to the science of biology, people were not ‘created’.  They have evolved.  And they certainly did not evolve to be ‘equal’. The idea of equality is inextricably intertwined with the idea of creation.  The Americans got the idea of equality from Christianity, which argues every person has a divinely created soul, and that all souls are equal before God.  However, if we do not believe in the Christina myths about God, creation and souls, what does it mean that all souls are “equal”?  Evolution is based on difference, not on equality. [1]

Despite the very vapid error forgetting that evolution took place over millions of years and that the characteristics within a species varies to a very small degree over evolutionary spans of times, Harari has dispelled us of the need to have “equity” in one paragraph. And he just chucked religion out of the window as well, it’s all a myth.  Very convenient.  Never mind that other religions hold the same concept of equality in the eyes of God, just attack the religious Americans – yes, we American are named in the first argument. 

But clearly a builder of the future Utopia believes in human rights?  Well, nope. Not at all.  Chew on this statement:

Similarly there are no such rights in biology. There are only organs, abilities and characteristics.  Birds fly not because they have a right to fly, but because they have wings.  And its not tur that these organs, abilities, and characteristics are “unalienable”.  Many of them undergo constant mutations and may well be lost completely over time.  The ostrich is a bird that list its ability to fly.  So “unalienable rights” should be translated into “mutable characteristics” [2]

There you have it:  because evolution dictates that wings and body parts will change over the course of millions of years, you should throw out all concepts of morality, ethics, religion and human value because they are not material concepts.  He argues pure materialism dictates that he can do what he wants to do because the human body evolves and so no morality is valid.  Nice.  Does that sound a sociopathic to you, a bit like medical researchers from a country in Western Europe from WW2 whose name rhymes with Hermany?  In case you wonder what value Harari places on free will, here is what he thinks.

Also note the concept of mutability.  This means humans can, and according to Harari, should be manipulated in order to organize them into functional units ready to construct the new future. 

So you may argue “The World Economic Forum is for democracy, as that is the term used by the international elite all the time, it is promoted by the United Nations, the EU and the United States are examples of democracies.  The WEF and their advisors understand global trade and politics, and do not believe in disruption to the current well ordered international system of trade and diplomacy that we have evolved today.  Politics and Economy will guide Harari’s and other’s decisions.”  

Here is Harari’s answer, and it should frighten you as it reveals what he thinks of our advanced state of civilization and voluntary participatory democracy.  In his attack on sovereignty and economics he writes:

It is common nowadays to believe that the market always prevails, and that the dams erected by kinds, priests and communities cannot hold back the tides of money. This is naive. Brutal warriors, religious fanatics, and concerned citizens have repeatedly managed to trounce calculating merchants, and to even reshape the economy [emphasis mine].   … we must take into account the role of gold and silver, but we cannot disregard the crucial role of steel. [3]

Yes, the Romans conquered the world by brute force, but just because they spread their ideals widely does not mean that it is the most humane or moral way to do so.  In fact, we can’t apply terms of morality to this equation because Harari just told us that morality doesn’t exist because the wings of the bird will mutate in a few million years.  What calculus Harari will not engage in are the roles of Christianity and western civilization have played in the spread of unprecedented wealth.  Those pages are not in his history book, and he can’t accept widespread economic success as a good report card either. 

But by now you may gather what Harari feels is the best way to create the world of the Great Reset.  This will still shock you, it shocked me.  It is a Mein Kampf Manifesto statement.  Empires are the way according to Harari:

The truth is that “empire” has been the world’s most common form of political organization for the last 2,500 years.  Most humans during the two and a half millennia  have lived in empires. Empire is a very stable form of government. Most empires have found it alarmingly easy to put down rebellions.  In general, they have been toppled only by external invasion or by a split within the ruling elite.  Conversely, conquered peoples don’t have a very good record of freeing themselves from their imperial overlords.  Most have remained subjugated for hundred of years. Typically, they have been slowly disgusted by the conquering empire, until their distinct cultures fizzled out. [4]

This is fucking vapid ahistorical bullshit. Harari has a PhD, but willfully or not, demonstrates zero basic knowledge.  When I first read this paragraph the first counter examples that came to mind were Rome and Czarist Russia, two of the largest and richest empires in European history.  Rome decayed from mismanagement, complete moral decay and outsourcing their military to their conquered nations, and the Czars were overthrown from within after humiliating defeats in the Sino-Russian and World War One.  Prior to those conflicts Czarist Russia was the richest nation on the European continent.  Since only biology matters, I guess the truth must take a back seat to new thinking.

But look at what constitutes Harari’s moral framework:  humanity is mutable, human values do not occur in biology so they can be ignored, and brutal empires are the best form of government.  So let me ask you, do you feel comfortable that Harari would have any compunction of ordering you to take vaccinations?  Do you think he cares if you can heat your homes?  After all, human suffering is not found in the physical characteristics of the human species such as being bipedal or possessing ten fingers, and since those characteristics will evolve, human values do not matter.  Harari says we can skip evolution all together by the way, and just hack humans.

And is he concerned even with you happiness?  Well that’s relative too, and because we of the west have been so misinformed for centuries, our culture will have to tossed aside, you will have to learn new definitions of happiness and suffering, because happiness is merely relative, and suffering is emotion.  Physical pain will be short and brief, because empires must be forged.  And you will not be able to resist after you are conquered, or re-educated.

A reset is when you go back to a defined beginning, such as when you reset your mobile phone to the original factory settings.  Your expectation is that the original capability it restored, not the entirety of the device gets wiped out.  What Harari and Schwab are really proposing is not a Great Reset, it is The Great Erasure, where all values, morality and even your lives will be at the whim of Harari, a man with monstrous ideals that he has boldly published, that he has been lauded for.  It is beyond terrifying that such a person calls for the re-engineering of human life, food systems, your entire way of thinking.  What is even more terrifying is that the Dr Fauci and other experts of the world look up to Harari and Callahan and worship the thinly disguised mantra for genocide in order to save the planet.  


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