The Double Eagle of Old Mesilla

Star crossed lovers haunt the Carlotta Salon at the Double Eagle in Old Mesilla.  This old home belonged to a family with a tragic history.

the mighty humanzee
Queen of the BEAVER Clan

It was not long before most of the village knew of the young people’s devotion for each other, and they too kept the secret. The Senora’s snobbish ways had not made her popular amongst the other villagers. The shy young man and the beautiful maiden walking together on an errand across the Plaza caused many an older heart to remember past days and smile.

Finally, however, the Senora discerned that lovesick Armando was paying too much attention to Inez. Armando confessed his love for Inez, but the Senora refused to listen. She flew into a rage and ordered Inez from the house. She reminded Armando of his station in life and of his duty to his family, including the Senora’s plans that Armando marry aristocracy in Mexico City.

As with many such relationships, a parent steps in to protect their child from a fall from grace in the arms of someone not of a station in life.  Upon learning of Armando’s attraction to Inez, Armando’s mother acted to protect her son and her family’ prestige.  She forbade Armando from seeing Inez and dismissed Inez from the home.

Despite his mother’s wishes that Armando never see Inez again, when Senora Maes left the home to travel, Armando and Inez consummated their love.  Tragically Senora Inez unexpectedly returned early from her excursion to catch the two lovers.  Flying into a rage, she stabbed Inez and then her son with shears, killing them both.