Grandma’s Simple Salad Recipe

My family is a traditional American unit. At our Thanksgiving gatherings we always served tukey and fresh venison meat as part of our menu.

Nancy From Roundup / @nakemler

As a side dish, Grandma Vivien made a simple  salad.  She took a head of iceberg lettuce tore it up in chunk size pieces these she would put into a large mixing bowl.  Grandma would then measure 1 cup of Mayonnaise and a 1/2 cup of whole fresh milk.  She would then whisk these two ingredients together.  Grandma then poured this mixture on top of lettuce,using two forks she would mix well.  Grandma would then slice a hard boiled egg using slices as a garnish on top of salad mix.  Paprika was always sprinkled on top for a festive look.  The bowl of salad fixings would then be placed on dinner table to be served up.  This recipe has been handed down in my family since the Great 1929 depression era.