Not the typical Turkey Day Feast.

We lost a beloved Uncle a few years back due to complications of his service in Vietnam. His diet during his last few remaining years that he spent with us was strict and one of his favorites was my Goose and Nudes. It ended up being a favorite for even my super bratty nieces & nephews! 


Goose N Nudes : 

2-4 Goose Breast 

2 onions

1 glove of Garlic

Olive Oil or butter


salt N pepper 

Chicken Stock

1 pkg of Brown gravy 

Mushroom Soup Slop 

Egg Nudes (noodles) 



Cube goose breast, throw in your olive oil into hot pan- gotta sear those suckers first! then add in your onion, garlic salt & pepper. let that shit simmer.

Next- you’re gonna pop open your pressure cooker and fill that pup up with that chicken stock and another onion, diced!

By that time- meat should be ready to transfer into the Happy Pot. Throw it in there and cook on medium High until the meat is broke down. Cook time depends. A pressure cooker usually does the trick in half the amount of time it would take a slow cooker to do- but I don’t use those -so… to each their own. 3 hours



Follow the Instructions. Throw the two together- an add more mushrooms- ( I personally hate them, but if they float on your tastebuds- hell, there yah go)  

An lastly, I forgot to tell you to Make the noodles. I’m pretty sure it came before the Gravy Train. But it’s okay. Shit happens, Right?


Happy ThanksGiving!