the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee


Brother, will you follow me?
I was first on this earth
A few years before your birth
In those early remote days
I hoped you’d grow quicker and follow me in so many ways
You were tiny, sometimes my toy,
My brother a new baby boy
You couldn’t follow me then,
And sometimes I thought I saw you wish “Can I go, when?”

Brother, will you follow me?
I was first, drama and energy were my fame
You never complained, you followed all the same
I am here to blaze the trail in each and every case
You require so little from me, even when I treat you with very little grace
You are my foundation, and as I grow I’ve begun to see
That your love built possibilities for me

Brother I am glad you still follow me
I know I need you and am grateful you are here
You’ll never leave, you strong presence is ever near

My son, will you follow her?
I didn’t recognize back then that your quiet ways
Was a strength you loaned out to her even on the worst of days
Relaxed, easy going, and calm – things I am not that you freely gave to her
I thank God for you and the strength you loaned, you own needs you seemed to just defer
It’s not enough for me to say
That I didn’t realize the reserves you had after all you would give away

My son, will you follow her?
She’s a conundrum and you seem to able to see
Her failings and her possibility
You, to this very day
Insist that your bond is there to say
This I know is true
Because I also know and admire you

My son, will you still follow her?
I see you both ahead on the trail
And your dad, like all things on this Earth, will soon fail
But the tear you see in my eye
Is bittersweet, my job is complete as you watch you both pass me by
I am so glad I brought you here
So glad you follow her and hold her in your heart so dear


Photo By The Mighty Humanzee