Blackbird: A Musical Gift

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

How was I maneuvered into this?  Two lovely ladies I know, Molly and O, were discussing the song Blackbird by Paul McCartney.  O had found a beautiful rendition on piano, and I chimed in with “that’s unusual, it’s a song primarily for guitar.  It’s the first finger picking songs I learned on guitar.”

“Do you play on guitar”, asked Molly.  “Can you play this?  You have to do it for me.”

“Molly’s gonna sink Zee’s battleship,” added O.

What could I do?  I was maneuvered into a corner. 

“But I thought we were playing Name That Tune!” I answered, hoping to wiggle my way out of this. 

“BS! C-4,” answered O.  I think she enjoyed see me squeal. 

The year 2022 is the year of getting out of your comfort zone, and I always like to surprise people.  So my Christmas gift surprise for those two sweet ladies is my meager attempt at Blackbird.  Hope you enjoy.  And yes, Molly and O, thank you for sinking my battleship.


Performed By The Mighty Humanzee