Summits You Will Find

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

Summits You Will Find

You climbed that hill that no one else will
Left a lonely path in the snow right behind you
Your quest brought you to a new trail again
In the hope that your past will cease to confine you

Don’t Pretend you’re alone
World set against you – so why be alone
You have that certain image that only you deserve the throne
If you just struggle longer it’s the prize you’ll truly own

So many short cuts you saw along the way
Easier steps for others that never cease to remind you
That expediency is merely a weakling’s way
Of pretending your past is far behind you

Scale the heights alone
Go for it do it on your own
Embrace the vivid image that your visions have shown
If you just struggle a bit longer it’s the prize you’ll truly own

You drive that dream to such an extreme
That you think you’ve carved images, left them in line behind you
Now that you’re here you need a reminder
To enjoy this view that surrounds you.

You scaled the heights alone
Climbed this rock alone
Remember you carved some images for others
Good seeds you have sewn 

Didn’t really go alone
Invited others too – this time not alone
Offered your hand to others
Decided to share this throne

Offered your hand to others
Found companions of your own

Photo By The Mighty Humanzee. Overlook Mountain Woodstock NY