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Education Versus Indoctrination

“To educate a person in the mind but not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” ― Theodore Roosevelt
By Orange
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We’ve heard this quote plenty of times and today – in 2023 it seems far more meaningful to many across the US than maybe ever before. But is it true? 

 Education has always been a prevalent talking point when it comes to Political discourse. In fact, one of the most heavily debated topics since the beginning of this Nation itself. Founders felt that Education unlocked a perception beyond the common man and depending on your curiosity of knowledge- many went on to become some of the most notable thinkers and doers in a Nation that was morphing itself into a success since its beginning. 

Time has changed that perception today. Infact, a growing concern across the USA for many parents is that if you choose to confront the Policy at your Schools on their choice of curriculum- it may just land you on an FBI Watchlist.

So how did we get here, but most importantly- do we want to go back? 

You may remember another statement in the not so long ago past called ” Race to the Top”. It was one of the Fundamental Corner Stones of the Bush/Obama Administration taking on the Public Institutions. It wasn’t so much as an insult to parents per say but to the teacher’s union it was a direct threat. The Obama Administration basically hijacked the same language of the Bush Administrations Education Plan -which then was called “No child left behind”.  It outlined that Report cards would be given out on each student’s performance and that accountability would be handed out based on the skill level of the teacher and their ability to successfully move a classroom forward in Education.

Congress adopted the Bipartisan legislation under the Bush administration and then again under the Obama Administration and Unions squealed like a stuck pig! 

So how the hell did it fail so miserably? How didn’t we even as parents see this rising out of a cloud of dust from the past and instead, we find ourselves in one of the most corrosive times of Education?!

 Even Today as a parent- being pretty persistent in schools- I don’t remember having this problem with the lack of teachers or staff during the terms of either President. In fact schools were equipped and funds were not lacking. At that time, my kids enrolled in a Class A school, and of course this school found ways to try to fumble the ball purposely so that teachers, who lacked teaching a class, write off a child and exclude them from a General Education Classroom because the State and Fed slapped their hands based on the results from the testing. 

And no, it’s not because of behavior like USA Today claimed in an article on February 16th about a 6-year-old child bringing a gun to the school and shooting his teacher.  While there are children who have difficulty in behaving- let me be perfectly direct, painting “kids” like this together based on a disability isn’t just discriminatory but it’s truly just plain out wrong on so many levels. Where’s that Standard that claims students are not to be discriminated based on what again? Yeah, I am so taking on the underdog argument in this- you know why, because their issues in my mind shouldn’t be dismissed and yet this school and the staff did just that. 

I’m not advocating that Government or Schools become a safe zone though.  But when you chose to make this institution the suggestive cornerstone of your Administration, I do expect more especially when my taxes pay for the lights in a football field to remain on even when the crowd leaves or under covid, when not a soul was on the field. 

Yet-just think about this for a second. This is a 6-year-old. This child found it necessary to act this out based on the people who should have been the most “receptive to his needs”. While painting the child as the issue- this article is trying to convince me of how poorly this was handled by the “Professionals and Adults” in the Room and yes that includes his parents. Was this preventable? Yes, it absolutely was. This child though- found it the only recourse they believed they had to resolve whatever was the issue they had at school. This wasn’t at home; it wasn’t towards his peers like we’ve seen before- this was directly related at his teacher. So, you have to question what would motivate a child at this age to take steps and even openly say what he had from the time he went to school to the time he carried out the act. Yeah- a 6-year-old.  

 Now, School Administrations do know their way around the system when it comes to Government programs offered for child who do require more effort.  Yet does hijacking the actual student seem to be the correct way explain who is the sole agitator of this situation, dearest USA Today? I mean, what is the payoff in the media to play this hand unless you are looking to curb or influence a certain agenda? I mean- it doesn’t compute in my mind when you’re claiming to be the Professional writer, honestly.

But going back to the point- this is why you as a parent, grand parent or Aunt, Uncle- do matter. You cannot leave it to the Federal Government to ensure checks and balances are a fix or the backbone to educating a child. This is your job as an Advocate.  You should care about the direction this new age doctrine* wants to take families because these ideologies left unchecked- reflects into the communities that you live in. If we chose to be careless and believe that the State or Fed will remedy this- there is no future. And if that is what you think should happen well- you and I are not going to agree.

Yet, I do believe that a lot of us are seeing this because Covid taught us somethings about ourselves that we didn’t want to acknowledge prior. A real decline, A Real breakdown of where American people- like you and I were in fact forced to comply with a situation we had zero control over. And how is that Democracy? You want to Save that?

 Every day since the start of Covid – we see more and more countless videos posted in real time, hour by hour from kids- feeding themselves a Ego-trip cocktail that no Textbook or Certificate of achievement can give them. I mean why should they try to appease their parents or heed a parents direction when they can be worry free on Google, YouTube or TikTok? 

This is the Education that you have accepted in America today. The pre-screened indoctrination scheme of clicks has brought into light that living in an illusion thru an application is far more appealing than having a direct conversation with people in reality.  Covid Emergency taught new parents how effective and easy it was for the internet to become the babysitter, the educator, the parent and their best friend. I mean, who the hell needs to walk out into the actual real world every day when you have access to all of these things that You like. I mean- why settle for things that you don’t like or held responsible for things like- a student loan? 

Apart from the parents who agreed to this- there is a different set of parents too- who didn’t know how Covid Emergency Orders literally led the way to keep the Fed & State protected including the Institutions who screamed- because of teachers’ bodies and choice- they demanded their health the key component to make you comply to rules that have never existed before.

Here in Michigan, Bitchmer candidly insisted that kids wouldn’t be discounted or held back for Covid Emergency- even though the Data that was collected clearly defined how much of an absolute mistake it was for kids. Their mental, physical and emotional health wasn’t considered, yet the goal wasn’t really that- instead it was more about making compliance happen verses Education. Just ask your kids- they’ll gleefully tell you exactly what bothered them the most about Covid Emergency.  There well aware of what happened and how it formed their opinion about a reality you served alongside of them- whether in compliance or not but you see- you still have a group of people out there still Wearing the Fear they believe in.

  For many covid was a time in people’s lives that they really do not want to remember but that is why it is one of our turning points for purpose and courage. 

Standing up against the insanity of Pronouns and the open discrimination that is actually going on across the USA tonight isn’t about being more educated but there is a “Science” to it.  It’s become the line for schools today to adopt and actively abuse individual children along with their parents because they reject being compliant to this.  Policies that were enacted and forced into schools and on to kids are as well choosing to forfeit and burn down the very institution they’re claiming to love. So, you have to ask “Are they actual Educators or just professional liars/ activists?” 

 If I am wrong, then explain to me why a government directly advocates to place parents on a Watch list because they’re not impressed nor do they believe that the newest trend from the CRT fan page be installed in policy, handed out to their kids and then taught the basics of it? I mean, doesn’t that say volumes of where Education really is? 

It’s a mess-literally. It’s the latest trend in America too. Look at the current medical system, the Open border, the Food supply, the Drug Supply or even the President’s Pants for fucks sake. 

In closing I’m leaving two definitions for you, what defines Education. And what defines Indoctrination. Either we choose to stand for something, or we all fall- because- Hey we are in this all together- Right? 

Education: is a purposeful activity directed at achieving certain aims, such as transmitting knowledge or fostering skills and character traits. These aims may include the development of understanding, rationality, kindness, and honesty.

Indoctrination: the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

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