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Show Notes: OZ Fest Morning Mission – Penalty Box

Morning Mission
the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

UNESCO has plans to take over not only AI, but all technology on the quest to ensure it is ethically used.  And Twitter code reveals some interesting traits.

UNESCO Wants AI To Be Ethical

But the ethics will be based on global standards. 

Observing that a normative framework for AI technologies and its social implications finds its basis in international and national legal frameworks, human rights and fundamental freedoms, ethics, need for access to data, information and knowledge, the freedom of research and innovation, human and environmental and ecosystem well-being, and connects ethical values and principles to the challenges and opportunities linked to AI technologies, based on common understanding and shared aims

Recommends that Member States apply on a voluntary basis the provisions of this Recommendation by taking appropriate steps, including whatever legislative or other measures may be required, in conformity with the constitutional practice and governing structures of each State, to give effect within their jurisdictions to the principles and norms of the Recommendation in conformity with international law, including international human rights law

Because the complexity of the ethical issues surrounding AI necessitates the cooperation of multiple stakeholders across the various levels and sectors of international, regional and national communities, this Recommendation aims to enable stakeholders to take shared responsibility based on a global and intercultural dialog.

Twitter Penalty Code

Reports on the Twitter algorithm have uncovered some questions.

Since the Tweet is blocked from search engines here is what you will see:

Original Tweet

I searched the Github Code Repository and the code “outOfNetworkReplyPenalty” does indeed exist.

Synopsis of Twitter Recommendation Algorithm

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