Liberty Library

Our content would not be well received if we didn’t provide references and hadn’t branched out to build our foundation of knowledge.  Here you’ll find the books and videos that we have cited, are reading currently or we recommend.  We do this not to convince of that we a certain point of view is right, we recommend these because they have sparked thoughts in our minds and we hope a brush fire in your heart to learn and grow.

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Our Top Picks

You’ve heard these mentioned in Rationed State, OZ Fest and Behind Enemy Lines.  

Foundation Library

The books have been formative for our opinions and analysis.  It’s where we got the urge to ask questions, look behind the curtain.  History is important as well.

Home Schooling

The journey that a child’s mind must take is best guided by the child’s parents.  Home School is one way to give your child a better chance at independent thinking, and give your family the gift of loving memories and time spent prepping your child to take on the world. 

Fiction Fuels The Mind

Allegory is a powerful tool, and sometimes fiction can relay truths that normally cannot be simply told to a person.