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What we didn’t realize is how communication was authorized by government.  They used this new form of social networking and technology to manipulate society in such a way which turned us off from our relationships, made us strangers in our own homes and turned us into only what was going on from their perspective. In this series we are going to discuss how a network of communication was used to not only kill but hinder a generation of individuals all interlocked and connected and for what?

What is happening to our world today?  We call it Severed Conscience.  Our documentary will awaken you to how we have been transformed.

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Something has broken us, something has taken hold of our minds. We call this state where we are unable to exercise moral judgment Severed Conscience. This state of mind is the by-product of social media and psychological manipulation aided by artificial intelligence. It has so hindered our ability to think we are in a state of confused thinking, unable to assess our environment, unable to discern that we react instead of thinking. Technology is a tool, not a master.

We extend our discussion from the documentary series with our book, which includes new material and analysis.  When possible, all sources come with QR codes so you can reference for yourself.   A great group discussion tool. 

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Part One – We Have Lost The War For Our Minds

In this first episode of Severed Conscience – Definitions, we introduce our theory that something has broken us, something has taken ahold of our minds. We call this state where we are unable to exercise moral judgement Severed Conscience. This state of mind is the by product of social media and psychological manipulation.

Since COVID we see a new behavior, it has affected how we form connections to one another and forge relationships. We sidelined our ancestors who fought for the sanctity of life and liberty, who gave us this gift of freedom and prosperity, over the hypothesis “15 days to slow the spread”. While they repeated that phrase to us, what kept us neutral? Paranoia? Fear? Just going with the flow? Go stand in a crowd and watch people shuffle by. What are they wearing, what are they carrying?

Part Two – History of Manipulation

While Severed Conscience, the state of impaired cognition imposed by technology, is a new phenomenon, human history is sadly full of examples of mass manipulation.  In this portion of our series we turn to history to compare and contrast the various societies that employed psychological as well as physical methods for top down control of populations.  This will illustrate that while as humans we share the same weaknesses of those who have gone before, we will also see how more easily we are influenced.  History’s dark examples of violence achieved less at a greater cost than we can be subjected to today.  The Salem Witch Trials, India’s Caste System and Soviet Russia are our focal points.

Part Three – Technology

We defined Severed Conscience as the breakdown of an individual’s awareness of the environment and the deterioration of their ability to make rational judgments. This breakdown is hastened by social media and excessive technology use.  Artificial Intelligence used to pose as humans in chat, Artificial Intelligence used to study your habits of interaction on social media and what content that interests or enrages and other techniques will influence you.  Your eyes, exposed to prolonged use of blue light from laptop or mobile device screens, place you in a state of hyper attentiveness.  The dopamine releases that you receive at the discovery of something new with each item you see in a scrolling list can lead to addiction and disrupt your sleep cycles.

The amazing revelation is that Sean Parker, CEO of Facebook openly admits that the social media platforms were designed to keep your attention, and they were not bothered to investigate what that would do to mental and emotional development in children.

Are We Imprisoned Already?

In the fourth installment of Severed Conscience we examine the driving forces behind the collective hive that social media has constructed, as well as the white papers and research the elite have laid forth with plans to tie our daily lives to an interconnected control grid.  The aim is to makes us dependent on a technology where all permission must be granted prior to independent action.  The “Zero Trust Permission Internet”, tied to a digital currency will not only us, but will control us.  AI will be declared inerrant, and rules will be enforced without government intervention as they turn off your ability to use cash freely.  AI will predict when you are about to commit an offense, and you will be isolated premptively. 

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