Behind Enemy Lines Drinking Game

You heard that right, there's a drinking game

By @Grammypam64Gill on Twitter, we love her for this

It helps if you are familiar with the crazies involved. If you are listening to the podcast, you already know the players. If you do not, please download Twitter and create an account. Follow the three accounts shown to start. They have a vast following and you will find yourself following many more of the tribe.


Disclaimer: Please play responsibly. Please collect keys at the door. Please have adequate space for players to crash after the game. Please provide snacks to help soak up the alcohol in the system. Please provide coffee at some point near the end of the game. Please have your rideshare app ready for those who will travel home. The BEL Drinking game is meant for fun. We as the creators of the game, the podcast personalities and their guests are not liable for any and ALL issues that occur outside of having a great time. Enjoy!


First, let’s choose our “words”. Knowing the three personalities above, you will guess which topics they will discuss on the current podcast. Z will give you clues with the tweets sent out for the current episode. Then, you will dig deep into your brain, your twitter timeline and past podcasts to come up with words or phrases that may or may not be mentioned in the podcast or in everyday events and tweets on Twitter. Do not discriminate against words. Both clean and holy words, such as Jesus/Christ and dirtier words, such as fuck and taint (Ep.8) have their place in this game.

Second, take a sheet of paper and write down each word or phrase. Cut or tear into strips. Fold and place into a container. Any size or shape will do.

Three, shake them up and let each participant choose a piece.

Now we get really busy.

Fourth, decide on the lovely beverage that will be the star of the game. This could be anything drinkable. But let’s be honest, if alcohol is not involved why play. Beer, wine or liquor are the givens. Each player may choose their personal drink or you can designate a choice that everyone will share. Gauge your crew and choose wisely.HBO Saloon-owner Al Swearengen (Ian McShane, left), sheriff Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant, center), and Sol Star (John Hawkes), Bullock's partner in a hardware store, are some of the key characters in Deadwood.

Directions for a non-alcohol game will be shared as soon as we figure out how to play. This possibly will be a makeshift board game of some sort. We may abandon this route without the alcohol but we’ll see.

Fifth, also decide if you are doing shots or swallows. Shots give you the quickest way to drunkville, depending on your chosen word or phrase. For first timers, maybe swallows is best.

Sixth, lay the ground rules. Everyone must show their chosen word or phrase. Everytime the word or phrase is said, by any of the three or their guests, the person holding that word or phrase must take a shot or swallow.

The real loser is the first person who gives up or passes out. The winner is the person who has drank the least or is the last person able to stand. And by stand I mean without help of any kind.