Rationed State Documentary

Rationed State, Rationed FormulaRationed State is a documentary that began as an examination of the Baby Tylenol Shortage in Canada, then expanded to an examination of the Community of Care health programs implemented in in Canada in 2018.   After discovering who the architects of sustainable health care were and their ties to elite think tanks including the World Health Organization, Orange was perplexed how rabidly a system that promised sustainability yet delivered catastrophic results could be easily accepted.  Looking to history, Orange discovered many parallels from World War II, where rationing was required in order to combat the crisis of the time.  We were shocked to discover that the progenitor of sustainable health care, Daniel Callahan, revealed that rationing was indeed a foundational component to future health care.

Discover the players behind sustainable health care, and why the Great Reset is just the starting point for re-imagining our future.  You, too, will conclude that the plans for a better future merely lure people into accepting far more sinister where the architects of the Great Reset truly want to erase our society.  A Great Erasure, not a Great Reset.  The Rationed State series is comprised of podcast, articles and show notes.  There is a lot for us all to digest.

Rationed State Part One - Victory Gardens

In Part One of our documentary series “Rationed State” we examine how our instincts as patriots and Americans galvanized us as a people during World War II as we sacrificed to support war time efforts. Part of these efforts were the rationing programs instituted to divert supplies to our military and to our allies. As with all distortion in markets, this quickly created shortages. To compensate, Americans were encouraged to maintain Victory Gardens and their own self reliance and ingenuity as part of a patriotic effort to get each other through a national crisis.

Fast forward to the COVID crisis and Americans were asked once again to sacrifice for the common good and it was our patriotic duty to trust the Science and our leaders. In the response to this crisis, there was no place for self reliance and individual efforts as we were all order to remain immobile until experts gave us our marching orders. Nonetheless, patriotism was invoked as total social control was instituted.

Rationed State Part Two - Rationing

In the second part of Rationed State documentary series, O and Zee turn their attention to Daniel Callahan, the architect of “sustainable” health care. Callahan, philosopher and father of bioethics, has made the claim that securing the future of healthcare is only achieved by creating a “sustainable” system built on rationing of care. He further argues that individualism is at odds with achieving these goals.

But looking to Canada, an early adopter of Callahan’s principles, there are alarming events and conclusions that one must draw.  We are betrayed when we accepted the definition of sustainability at face value, as we are under the impression that we will maintain the system and level of services we currently have.  This is turning out to not be what is delivered.

Rationed State Part Three - Behind The Curtain

In the third and final installment of Rationed State, Orange and Zee will show you the evil behind the architects of the Great Reset and why this movement based on sustainable care and rationing is truly the Great Erasure.  Yes, they want to turn off society, erase populations.  It’s in their very own chilling words that we will show you the WEF’s true colors. 

Our Research and Show Notes

Orange and I have scoured the Internet to assemble the pieces to the Rationed State puzzle.  And as we hosted Q / A sessions to discuss the documentary installments, we have found other references that support our views, sometimes provided to us by our brethren in our Twitter Tribe.

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