Delegate Wars

Episode #4: In Cars

Irene returns to Delegate Wars with news from Portugal, Spain and France.  During her travels by car, Irene has seen first hand the impact of the energy crisis in Europe, with gas prices at $7 per gallon.  Hitting cities such as Toledo, wine country in France and other destinations in Spain and Portugal, Irene has spoken with family and friends about inflation and their out look for the winter.  Is the news that we hear about Germany and 10% energy reduction as dire as they sound?

Zee then asks Irene about her family’s experience in Portugal, and what the conditions were like under Estado Novo, one of the dictatorships which held power from 1933 to 1974. 

A fascinating discussion with a fascinating person.

What is Delegate Wars

In the spring of 2022 The Mighty Humanzee answered the call of a candidate to become a convention delegate.  From there Zee became a precinct delegate.  On his journey he met others who also sought to serve the public and ventured into politics.  Their stories are here.

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