Podcasts, articles, comments from our Twitter Tribe, and our thoughts on latest trends or new developments at Studio Humanzee.  While we have a high degree irreverence and use humor to make our point, we back up our ideas with research. 

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Studio Humanzee is the home to patriots who lend their voice and talents to the cause of freedom, respect and honor of our country, and who love the exchange of ideas.

Founded by The Mighty Humanzee who wanted to amplify the voices of those censored by social media, Studio Humanzee offers podcasts, documentaries, commentary and articles guaranteed to either leave you laughing or keep you thinking.

The Mighty Humanzee is just a dude who loves his country and loves liberty.  Fireside Chats, a podcast he started at his fire pit, has grown into the this site that hosts a home for those wanting to express the ideas, share their thoughts and learn.


Variety is the spice of life, our ingredients are liberty, love of country, sense of adventure and above all a sense of humor.  These manifest in many unique ways.  Explore and discover.


Rogues Gallery of the voices and contributors.

the mighty humanzee
Mighty Humanzee
Mighty Humanzee
Chief Chaos Officer
You can blame all of this mayhem on The Mighty Humanzee. Call Sign is Zee, or Crawlspace. Ask Blue.
John Jackson
John Jackson
Federal Law Enforcement
30 Years of federal law enforcement experience, master story teller. Call sign: Joker
Blue Reaganite
Blue Reaganite
Chief Historian
Former LE Blue honors veterans with his Remember the Fallen posts on Twitter. Call sign is Blue.
Sister Fury
Orange loves her Michigan, and loves liberty. She'll freak you out, then make you think. Call sign is O.