Construction of a Narrative

Michigan has a Russiagate problem. Apparently state representative Daire Rendon, who wore a pin on her lapel on stage, is the latest “Q-Anon” election fraud proponent who is out to steal democracy. But should this be incorrect, how do we discern absence of malice on the part of the activists in the media?

But if you have any brain cells left, you can easily see through this ruse of loose association and innuendo. Who are true conspiracy theorists, those who think they see a letter on a broach or those who actually read the results of audits and see plenty of evidence that our elections are not secured.

If you are interested, the movie discussed in the opener is Absence of Malice directed by Sydney Pollack, starring Paul Newman and Sally Fields. Highly recommended as it depicts what can happen when innuendo is construed as truth.

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