John Stephen Walsh

On this episode we are joined by author John Stephen Walsh. John is the author of several novels and short stories in the horror genre. From his Author’s page on Amazon:

“About as tough as a crime novel can get…moves along at a clip a Warner Bros. film noir would envy.”

Crime, horror, scifi, bisexual women, noir, road movies, post-apocalyptic adventures, laughs and action merge in the short stories and novels written by John Stephen Walsh.

In the edition of the Fireside Chats, Zee and John discuss his work, and his techniques for writing. In many ways what John practices are great methods for honing your thinking and productivity. “Crafting a story prepares the mind for communication” is a theme we delve into. Being a fan of movies, John probes into the origins of Zee’s profile picture and the meaning of Zardoz. An eclectic set of topics which make this a very unique episode.

John Stephen Walsh on Amazon:

Works discussed:
Bone Shoes – John Stephen Walsh
Little Big by John Crowley
John the Balladeer/Silver John series Manly Wade Wellman
Writing To The Point – Algis Budrys

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