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Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer on battling Trump and surviving a kidnap plot | Financial TimesIn 2020 the COVID lockdown and 192 medical mandates that ordered us to remain in our homes, prevented from using boats to fish, and prevented us from gathering socially and at churches proved that we were under the thumb of tyrannical politicians who craved power.  Jailing business owners, favoring lunatic “Green” policies which caused a catastrophic flood in Midland Michigan proved that we are at a point of no return should we not act.

Orange and I started our podcast OZ Fest in response to this threat to our families.  We and others we know have joined grassroots movements, engaged school boards or became precinct delegates in order to stem this fall off of cliff into an abyss from which we will never return.  This page is a compilation of our podcasts and articles that you can use to inform family, friends and others who are concerned that the Trifecta of Whitmer, Benson and Nessel will remain in office and plunge us further into a tyranny where Proposal 3 will separate you from your custodial status of your children, limit election integrity investigations, and lead to the shut down of our energy source as Line 5 is shut down.

I am also joined by Jared A. Chambers / @C4CEO , a fellow liberty minded patriot from Georgia as we compare 2020 Election Fraud notes and project what might occur in 2022.  We go into depth regarding state election laws and Michigan’s extremely low Election Integrity Scorecard  from the Heritage Foundation.  Out of 100, Michigan gets a 56.

OZ Fest: Wicked Machine

In this edition of OZFest, Orange and the Mighty Humanzee focus on the national progressive political machine that is shaping Michigan politics, and how Secretary of State Benson is yet again manipulating the voting rules to allow for more absentee ballots. Aided by AG Dana Darth Nessel, Gov Whitmer has been able to fund raise WITHOUT the standard limits on person contributions.

OZ Fest: Gretch Stole Liberty Christmas

The Mighty Humanzee and Orange focus on Governor Gretchen “Gretch” Whitmer and how she has destroyed Michigan economy and is now using abortion rights as an election issue to distract voters. Play the Gretch Jeopardy Game to learn more!!

OZ Fest: Darth Nessel Michigan Attorney General

In the third and final installment of Rationed State, Orange and Zee will show you the evil behind the architects of the Great Reset and why this movement based on sustainable care and rationing is truly the Great Erasure.  Yes, they want to turn off society, erase populations.  It’s in their very own chilling words that we will show you the WEF’s true colors. 

Fireside Chat: Georgia / Michigan Apology Tour

Georgia and Michigan were key to national election hijinks, and in some sense, both states owe America an apology. Jared A Chambers joins the Mighty Humanzee on the Georgia / Michigan Apology Tour to reveal of past lax election standards are still a concern for 2022 and beyond.

And yes, we are sorry, oh so sorry.


OZ Fest: These Aren't The Signatures You're Looking For

In the episode, Orange and The Mighty Humanzee dissect the ever changing rules for Michigan ballot and petition signature approval. Confusion, lawsuits, and nebulous procedures are resulting in candidates being denied a spot on 2022’s election ballot. 19 candidates have been affected, including the front runner for Michigan Governor.

These antics have implications for other states, as elections become heated contest.

Fireside Chat: In Case You Ain't Up On Current Events

A follow up to the Washington Post article regarding the Dominion voting machine vulnerabilities. The Mighty Humanzee has pointed out previously the entire operating environment for Antrim county was compromised, and this stems from the Michigan audit report itself.

The establishment is trying to stay out in front of this revelation as they further gaslight you with occlusion and lies.

Note: This edition of the Fireside Chat includes technical discussions from the Construction of a Narrative podcast.

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OZ Fest: Anatomy of Resistance

In this edition of Fireside Chat with The Mighty Humanzee, I have the honor of speaking with Orange (Orangezipple1@twitter.com). Funny, liberty minded, fierce, Orange wants to occurring in Michigan, and we discussed how she engaged her local school board to stop further mayhem with COVID lockdown nonsense.

Issues And Articles

Orange and I are building a reference library for you, and here you’ll find articles about Proposal 1,2,3, Dana Nessel’s warefare and legal activism, and election integrity.