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SoS Jocelyn Benson is directing county clerks to ignore federal election regulations and destroy votes.  And the UN, joining the WEF in urging complete surveillance is calling for the adoption of the Internet of Things to combat …climate change.  Votes controlled, environment controlled.  How can you top that?

The Purposeful Warrior

The socialist agenda to destroy free elections is in [attacking] on all fronts.  Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson has ordered clerks to destroy election poll data within 7 days.  This is at odds with federal regulation, but when the current idiocy offered in support of Benson’s directive is “I don’t want to be arrested for telling Clerks to keep their records.”

Benson recently stated that she views herself as a Purposeful Warrior, and ignore the oxymoron in that state – a warrior by his nature has a purpose to go into battle.  She stated is part of coordinated effort to fight for democracy.  Did you know we’re at war with an unseen enemy powered by the Orange Man?  We relayed in an earlier Show Notes: Morning Mission: Dar-Benson that numerous Secretary of States were banding together to combat disinformation that will destroy confidence in election integrity.


Why Are the Silent About These Robust Steps They’re Taking

The offices of the Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin secretaries of state have yet to provide a response about this “coordinated” effort. The office of Arizona Secretary of State Adrian Fontes said Benson “mentions Governor Hobbs, former Secretary of State in her speech.”

“Secretary [Adrian] Fontes does not share a similar relationship. Our office follows a ‘bottom-up’ approach when providing coordinated support to Arizona’s 15 counties,” the office told The Federalist. “We have excellent relationships with our elections directors and county recorders.”

The office of Nevada Secretary of State Cisco Aguilar has ignored three follow-up comment requests after confirming they received The Federalist’s initial inquiry.

What we are not allowed to know, or at least what Michigan refuses to acknowledge, is that NGOs are funneling millions into the state.  Since when does a state, with the power of taxation, need money from private entities to support an election.  What, beyond paper ballots, county clerk salaries and facilities to cast votes, is required?  All the organizations that contributed are on the left.  The term “private grant” in o itself sounds like money from another governmental entity. 

The lawsuit against Benson was originally filed by the Thomas More Society back in October 2020 in the Michigan Court of Claims over the state’s 2020 use of grants from the left-wing Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), with the legal group alleging that the bid to utilize private grants in the conduction of an election “was intended to influence the election results and den[y] Michigan voters’ right of equal access to the ballot.”

Michigan has 300,000 excess voters.  Warrior Benson refuses to remove, defying court orders.  These same courts could imprison restaurant owners for operating during Covid, yet they can’t enforce laws regarding THE MOST IMPORTANT function of the state, ensuring our right to vote.

Michigan currently has 8.1 million registered voters for a voting age population of 7.9 million, or 102.8% of the number of legal voters, but Benson’s Bureau of Elections has vowed to ensure ineligible voter registrations remain in the system as long as legally permissible under federal regulations.

Digital Twins - If You Monitor You Can Control

In Severed Conscience we concluded that Natural Law was the bridge out of the darkness of tyranny.  The new future that the World Economic Forum, The UN and the fascist elite like Larry Fink of BlackRock envision is a technocratic control grid.  It is literally a system that will track all thing.  All.  Things.

They will track the density of cattle allowed on grazing fields, they will track water usage.  The goal is to build a large model that they can use to monitor and support a circular, sustainable economy.  With Net Zero carbon emission.

We have described the idea of Digital Identity.  But this is extended beyond humans.  A Digital Twin is a tree, a cow, any object that can be tagged with monitoring devices and an IP address. 

This is an attempt to create model which can be used to make predictions.  Or at least, they will tell you that these predictions are worthy of subordinating you rights to.

UN CODES is using the fabricated climate crisis to usher in digital twins and the Internet of Things

The German Environment Agency, or Umwelt Bundesamt (“UBA”), said in a 2022 press release that to achieve the UN’s digital vision, three fundamental shifts are necessary. These three systemic shifts have 18 strategic priorities that are needed for the digital transformation.

The third shift is worthy of particular note.  Shift 3 is to “accelerate innovation.”  One of its strategic priorities is the “planetary digital twin.”  As SparkBlue explained:[1]

The initiative is being carried out today in the US.  While deemed “helpful” tagging cattle with geo-location capability can used in a crisis such as avian bird flu spreading to our cattle population.  Centralizing the monitoring power in the hands of the federal government risks a declaration similar to our Covid lockdown policy, and insane yet inept protocols can be enforced.  Or livestock confiscated and destroyed.  Or taxes levied because cattle density places too much carbon into the environment.

Electronic Identification: US Department of Agriculture reveals final rule requiring electronically readable tags for interstate movement of some livestock

The agency will now require that sexually intact cattle and bison moving interstate must be tagged with electronically readable tags. Previously the metal clip tags (bangs tags or something similar) were sufficient for this same class of livestock. Additionally cattle and bison of any age used for rodeo or recreational events; and cattle and bison of any age used for shows or exhibitions will require electronic tags. Cattle and bison are exempted from official identification requirements if they are going directly to slaughter, says the USDA rule.

USDA will continue to provide tags to producers free of charge to jumpstart efforts to enable the fastest possible response to a foreign animal disease, said the USDA statement.

Mindspace Framework

If these measures are so good for us, why does behavioral science have to be employed to convince us.


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