Show Notes: BEL Episode #9

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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We had no clue that the beginning of the session would change so drastically.

Another episode is in the hopper, but I have to admit I had a different plan when we first connected.  I admit that I like to get reactions out of people, and in order to get spontaneous energy into the conversation off the wall antics, such as changing how the record starts, jolts everyone into a reactive state.  Reactive in a good ways since Blue or John will blurt out the reaction then jump in on the phone.  You can tell sometimes when I call into Montana Talks I can get John laughing, and yeah, that’s my goal.  I want Aaron to have mute the mic, my secret goal.  The laughter gives the show energy.

James Brown - WikipediaWell, my plan was to get things kicked off as James Brown.  Monday night I had a city commission meeting where I had to speak, and to get “loose” before talking before my neighbors I put on James Brown for my walk to city hall.  I don’t know why James Brown, maybe because I’ve watching Eddie Murphy lately, I dunno.  Anyway James Brown it was, and an intro for Behind Enemy Lines popped into my head.  A “1-2-Zee HAAAAAYYEEEEE!”

So, John connects to the call and is excited.  “Hey, I’m getting pinged.  They just raided Mike Lindel”.  Of course, all thoughts of zaniness go right out the window.  But here’s the thing, all the banter and jokes about My Phone and My Cell (Prison Cell) just flowed.  To the point where we were laughing so hard when Blue said “We should save this for the actual show!”

There you have it, that’s how a show is born.  We have a plan how we’re going to win the boxing match until we get into the ring.  Then we rip up the plan!  Hope you enjoy this week’s episode.

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