Show Notes: Zee Beats NPR to the Punch on BEL #9

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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NPR has a different take on my BEL topic of credit cards and gun purchases.

Pretty amazing when NPR does an expose on what they perceive as a positive development regarding gun violence.  They celebrate credit card companies singling out gun and ammo purchases.

But note how they decry the limitations. Really, limitations? The credit card companies are following the disturbing trend that the Obama administration started with the DoJ and Treasury Dept with the IRS, targeting gun manufactures and ammo manufactures. The pressure to no longer finance gun manufactures was very intense.

Now this has moved into the realm of social credit. Financial institutions, along with CEO’s of banks urged the credit card companies to adopt measures for a common good.  This is essentially a red flag without the government intervening.  And this new score will follow you around, so other institutions will see where you stand on gun ownership.

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