The Synergy of Behind Enemy Lines

Comedy and Irreverence Are the Drivers Of What We Do

Those who want to silence us can’t stand the fact that a simple joke reveals more about their inept nature.  Why do you think we call out things like we’re sitting in the back of the class room?

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

No matter how dire things are, you can count on John Jackson to bring a sense of ease to the situation with his use of humor.  It’s a powerful tool for communication.  It’s a powerful tactic to get your head straight while taking a breath and a step back from things.  It’s a powerful strategy to use in order keep people from checking out as you deliver an important message.  As Mark Twain famously said

“Either leave ‘em laughing or wondering what the hell you meant.”

This is our creed at Behind Enemy Lines.  Plus it takes the edge of in this election season where so much is at stake.

Episode #10

This last episode we spent time celebrating Blues’s achievement with Remember the Fallen, but we also included a list individuals who have helped us laugh, and going on from there we celebrated our past adventures, marveled at the extent we go to live our lives to the fullest.  That’s also a theme with us and it’s reflected strongly on those of you who tune in on a weekly basis, and it’s why we all appreciate each other like we do.  There’s joy in that fellowship we need to spread, joy of freedom, zest for life.

Expressing that joy on social media has marked in many ways – we don’t believe in status quo, and besides, we’re sharing jokes about people who normally would be laughed right of the stage in normal life.  We’re not throwing tomatoes, but we sure as hell get to throw some shade, and make it stick with a twist of words, a funny movie reference.  Twitter in particular wants to squash that, and of late we’ve really felt that noose of censoring of words tighten and watched dismay as our comms have interrupted.  Take heart, we’ll hold together, figure out ways to get our message out and communicate.  And as someone on one of episodes famously said after being put in Twitmo over COVID remarks

“To the Wankas at Twitter Support, who want to put me in timeout.  Fuck.  Off.  How ‘bout that?”

As we grow with BEL, and as you guys play the drinking game more, we will always deliver our best to, with great humor and insight.  The BEL Tribe is ruckus, but we all want that insight that John and Blue bring to table, yet deliver with such hilarity.  Yes, the guys in the back of the class room who you heard groan or snicker during high school are here to share our thoughts, and why you should laugh in these times as well.  Take a listen to Episode 10 if you haven’t, you’ll hear that infectious joy and laughter.  That’s crucial to Behind Enemy Lines.

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