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Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni Has As Voice

From the cries of the media, you would think Italy resurrected Mussolini.  But as Elton John laments,  I guess that’s why they call it fake news. 

For good analysis on Meloni is good Italy, Behind Enemy Lines details that here.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

It seems that clarity of mind and a well defined vision of how you are perceived is a recipe for being fascist.  Italy’s new Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni has roused fears with her simple yet powerful speech which relays that she has identified what her opposition despises.

What has the left, the mainstream, the centrists and the Blue blood conservatives all keyed up over PM Meloni?  In this speech there is clear identification of goals of the left:
  • Destroy the family
  • Destroy religion
  • Destroy the ability to express support for religion and family values
  • Why is identifying with family values a threat

Meloni directly states that being prohibited to identity with those values puts you in a lower caste, makes a mere consumer, a number to be used at the mercy of the elite.  With no right to your own identity, aren’t you by extension denied the right to define your own reality? 

Of note is that no one from our leadership cares to express these very simple principals.  When you can’t define a goal, identity an opponent, can’t distinguish the effects of disastrous policy on life and family, how are you prepared to lead, let alone win an election?  When your opponents play loosely with truth and accuracy, your best, strongest weapon in your arsenal is truth and clarity.

We desperately need that here.

On Episode #11 of Behind Enemy Lines we discuss this in detail.

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