COVID Revelations From LtCol Theresa Long MD

Army Lt Col Long Reveals Devastating Effects of mRNA on Armed Forces

Hat tip to BEL listener Pam ( supplied this link to a devastating testimony by Dr Theresa Long about the experimentation on our troops.

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By The Mighty Humanzee

The Armed Services has the largest consolidated database of medical symptoms in the United States.  The Defense Health Agency (DHA) is charged with monitoring the health of all service men and women, and maintains a single database of symptoms and treatments called Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED).  This repository must be updated with all adverse reactions, as it is crucial to monitoring the health and is an indicator of preparedness.  Dr Theresa Long provides testimony of her discovery of vaccine injury that she detected in her patients as well as conducting research with the DMED records.

Army LtCol Theresa Long MD – Full Testimony 09/17/22

In her presentation, Dr Long, a Lt Col in the US Army, relays her duties a physician and her use of the DMED system during the course of her medical duties.  She covers the physical side effects she encountered in her practice as young men and women presented symptoms of myocarditis and tissue damage after receiving the mRNA vaccines.  But her tragic revelations do not end there.  Her duties required her record patient incidences and research trends using the DMED data as the primary source.  Unlike the VAERs system, DMED is mandated to used and maintained by Defense Health agency, yet she found overwhelming evidence of records being altered to hid adverse vaccine events.  To alter medical records falsely is a crime.  Dr Long goes on to point out that while the mRNA vaccine is governed Emergency Use, pilots are now barred by law from operating while using experimental medications.  

In January 2022 Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing where he entertained testimony from Drs Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Pierre Corey and other members of the Front Line Doctors.  Near the end of the hearing, evidence was presented that the DMED database had been altered.  Whistleblowers recorded counts of injuries that were altered when compared to later reporting from the DMED system.  Yet discrepancies existed between totals and underlying counts.  

Dr Long’s testimony echoes these accusations as she describes the extent of illness among her patients.  We will not be combat ready given the rate of vaccine injury she claims.  Of further concern is that the mRNA vaccine has been found in 12 times higher concentration in female reproductive organs compared to other systems.

Dr Long’s remarks echo the research that Dr Naomi Wolfe is conducting with reviews of the Pfizer documents order to be released by a federal judge.  Most tragic is that mRNA has now been detected in breast milk in over 45% of the trial participants.  Recall we were told by the medical establishment lead by Dr Fauci that the mRNA vaccine remained localized to the injection site of the arm.  This was later proved to be false.


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