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Biden's Happy Eva-After..

“Imagine where you’d be today if you were able to tell Russia:  Keep your gas. It would be a very different world you’d be facing today.”

-This was Vice President Joe Biden in April of 2014 in a Speech to Ukrainian Legislators

By Orange

This Fine Example of Joe parading what he sold himself to years ago which includes the VP duties at that moment in time & in thats what we’ve spoken about in Rationed State.

The only issue that differs is the Fact that this isn’t the same set up per say that we looked at before, you know the Unity behind how “A Temporary Halt” which would help to slow the process because of the Demand.

In my mind we aren’t watching a War on Ukraine, but instead a blatant thievery on Americans thru our own Government for a cause that still seems to be missing in this very transparent Administration- and yes, I am being Sarcastic.

The Idea is given and ran with- action follows and obviously with that action these words do mean something. Every week we are informed about the continued effort by our House of Representatives and Senators in America to shuffle off Billions more of American dollars for this effort. An Effort that allowed some of the Most Established, rotted out Political Carcasses just like Joe- who take center stage to inform us how Americans Deserve Less than what we’ve worked for.

Recently I came across an Article from The Washington Examiner dated October 6th this year that says, The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has “no discretion” on whether to carry out previously cancelled offshore oil and gas lease sales because of changes in law enacted through Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act.

The agency said that’s it’s a setback for environmental groups demanding an end to new leasing.

Anyway, some dude in this article named Athan Manuel, who is the director of the Lands Protection Program for environmental NGO Sierra Club, said the act “represents a historic step forward in achieving our nation’s climate goals.

He continues to insist that the law provides hundreds of billions of dollars in tax incentives and grants for green energy and that oil and gas leasing provisions undercut the law’s intentions to mitigate climate change- 

 Here we are again in the bubble of insanity. People using words to make the imagery frightening and uncertain about the Future. There’s a Crisis Actor being questioned- hurry someone grab a notepad and pencil’!

Yes, because we all believe that Athan is a part of this We Care Community that wants to save us all while throwing out blankets of Maggots and Crickets to eat because it’s all that genius sustainability that will get us thru! 

Now here comes my favorite part, you know the part that tells you how much they really care about you and the environment: 

 “Now is our moment to acknowledge the weight of these impacts on our communities and our environment and move to phase out this program once and for all.”

But wouldn’t you agree that it would be nice for Biden to extend that Olive Branch to the very Country he is the Current President of?  Or maybe if I don’t get my way, Ill protest this in the name of Equity an Ill glue, duct tape and Zippy tie my Deplorable Whiteness’ to a Pipeline! Ill scream about the horrors and pains of living the reality that every other American is today, I mean_ I matter!

Realistically though- Demanding Action from a 79-year-old – should be- Mental patient- seems pretty pathetic and honestly elementary for all these oh so smart & super tech savvy kids in 2022.

It’s truly believable that Obama had this sense that would ensure Joey was able to do that when the time was pivotal for such Hope & Change.  And the facts do point out the clear absurdity of how Biden has appointed many of the Old School Rats to the Picinic Table for a Feast.

I mean, it really defines the cut from the same cloth statement recognizing that “THE Establishment” is back in Town. Nothing says Unity like Victoria Nuland & John Kerry, who initially helped to influence that Orange Revolution. Good times, right?

But wait- there is nobody Larger than life than the Fatty at the US Treasury Department, that’s right! Yellen is a true class action muffin as if Betty Crocker just popped her and all the other Case Load of Establishment Goons Otta the Oven and is about to have the taste of a lifetime at the Table.

Which you’re probably thinking at this moment- how in the hell does any of this all tie into each other let alone the Rationed State? 

Well- if you revert back to Rationed State Part 2 and FastForward to 34 minutes– you’ll hear Zee and I mention not only the UN asserting the Population Task Force Freak out of the New World- but you’ll hear me make a mention of ” The World Bank”. And in case you have no idea who that is they were Established in 1944 formally known as the ” International Bank for Reconstruction and Development’. They’ve done such a fantastic job of insuring Country Dependency around the Globe

For Instance, here is just a little bit of info to keep in Mind while I help move you forward. 

-The Bank Group works with country governments, the private sector, civil society organizations, regional development banks, think tanks, and other international institutions on issues ranging from climate change, conflict, and food security to education, agriculture, finance, and trade. All of these efforts support the Bank Group’s twin goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity of the poorest 40 percent of the population in all countries‘-

Makes you realize that this is one hellva big old table and you’re not invited- infact, neither is any of the people who you refer to as a Representative of where your from either. But all the Fatties on the Tippy Top absolutely have submersed their paws in it and we are along for the Ride.

Back in September of this year, Good old Yappy Yellen decided to do a sit-down Interview with NPR’s Ailsa Chang.

In that Interview– Yellen explains how the current climatic change of Oil Reserves and Covid has created this domino effect, but America is Resilient, and she claims that Our Banks and Our Household finances are absolutely Rock Solid in defeating Inflation with Joe Biden behind the Wheel and the Amazing work on Bipartisanship in passing current legislation.

The Hilarity of this all is the fact that literally a week later, here is Yellen again and I’ll just let the Article speak for itself –Yellen Calls for World Bank Revamp to Tackle Global Challenges. 

-In a speech ahead of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund annual meetings, Yellen said she will call on World Bank management to develop an “evolution roadmap” for changes by December, with “deeper work” beginning by the spring of 2023.


To accelerate this work, my team will step up our engagement with World Bank shareholders and management,” Yellen said.

“The world cannot afford to delay or lower our ambitions”-

Now if there is truly nothing for Americans to Worry over let alone the pointing out the obviousness of her own self-professed contradiction- Why would she in fact call for such drastic measures in such a short amount of time and Favorably prior to the New Year of 2023? 

To this day- Americans are told that there is no Establishment or Deep State. That every Choice or Policy that our Lawmaker’s, Current POTUS and Governors make is all to assist in this Idealism of Sustainability for the Future of the Globe and not for Personal Gain. Asserting that Americans are Resilient and have overcome so much with in the last 5 years with all the Bat Flu Lies then they bend us over and continue to hit the throttle of Inflation as a means for themselves on a World Stage.

Make no mistakes about this- they are wanting to enslave the future generations of Americans to this Monster.

IN ending – I want throw in a Few words by Alex Jones from his New Book called: The Great Reset

On Page 218 says: The Tenth crazy thing the globalists do is how freely they state that in the Future you will own nothing and be Happy…


Now- you be the Judge

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