Flu Madness

How Far is too Far?


By Orange

Tis the Season for Yah Flu Jabs- Pheasants! 

Every Parent across the Globe or Adult- regardless of Age- is screaming internally: Here we go AGAIN! 

By now you’ve probably heard it on the Radio, Phone or Television that yah need to get out and get it because this year, it’s going to be Bad!

Article after Article is written about the Importance of being Pro-Active about your health and this year its solely going to become even more so of a true annoyance because in America- we do Holidays and Screw the Government!

While I understand that many today do in fact get their flu vaccines because some people do have low immunity to this viral illness which can place you in a bed and that’s not at home.

Unlike before, we were told like the adults we all are and not yelled at, to receive a Flu vaccine- this year variety of Media is forecasting and using the Expert agenda to throttle the Fears of how this year is different.  And the reason as to why that is, is because “You Stayed home for Two Years because of Covid”!! 

You see how this works now?  Today in 2022, as if filling up your gas tank for a week of work, buying groceries and making sure bills are paid regardless of Bidens Inflation Hug going on wasn’t enough, you’ve got to listen to the Experts because they know that you don’t know what they know and they know better than you! O and hey any day- we might get Nuked, or a Giant Asteroid may fall Otta the Sky– maybe an Illegal visitor at the door or hell…  ET might be real at this point but none of that is more important that yah Flu shot!

SOOOO…, what is my point of all this yacking up about the Flu shot? 

Well, I was recently informed that in the Great Mitten State that the MDHHS Director, MDE Deputy Superintendent just celebrated more than $558 million in funding in FY2023 budget to support mental health, safety and wellness of students. 

So what does that mean?

Well, this is the information that is provided in the Link on MDHHS Website: Programs like the Youth Health & Wellness Center provide access to important physical health services including immunizations, physicals and vision and hearing screenings, plus behavioral health care such as counseling services that can help address family issues, anxiety, peer pressure and bullying”.

That being said, I, like many other parents in Michigan, probably have or will be receiving a letter from the Public Institution that your child attends about the school clinic informing you that your Child can receive a Flu Shot with your permission as long as you sign on the dotted line they provide.  Yup, and yah don’t even have to be present- Mom & Dad!

By now you probably have a dozen or so red flags flying all over realizing that these people are CRAZY! Why the Hell would they take it upon themselves to administer such things at school to children without a Medical Doctor present?

Folks- it’s all a part of the Bitchmer Plan- the same plan that Zee and I spoke about that would be coming to your doorstep back when we shared the Love we have for Michigan and the way the state has been ran into the ground by our own Elected Sell outs.  

So what’s the Actual Bitchmer Plan?

Listen, the woman thinks this is her Yankee Doodle Donkey in MIchigan. If she has the ability to get her way on the Ballot- she WILL make sure that Drag Queens in Class happen but so will access to any possible issue she can think of to add to the pile of ensuring Parents stay working while they oil the Wheel to the Machine. Reminds me of the National Socialist Society of the Late 30’s… who helped Hitler pave the road ahead to a lot of death & destruction. 

Be sure if you’re a Michigan Resident: VOTE!

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