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John, Blue sand Zee called it again on the podcast regarding retaliation from Russia over Nordstream Pipeline. 

While we cover many topics on Behind Enemy Lines, when we recorded Episode #12 we were 2 days out from the explosion of the Nordstream Pipeline.  John Jackson (@pvtjokerus) has been spot on with this analysis, and since that event he has shared his views on Twitter based on our podcast session and further developments.  On the podcast we ruminated what will be the blow back?  Brandon’s actions are not without consequence, and without a categorical denial of being behind the destruction of the pipeline, John, Blue and I were concerned that things would escalate.  John called this to our attention a few days later.

As you can see, soft targets have already been chosen, or at least according to authorities.  While it is entirely possible to mask your steps and make it appear as though you are Russian hackers, you cannot rule out the possibility that Russia is sending us a warning.  We thought that the grid was a more likely striking point to cause greater panic – it’s the type of damage that renders a populate inert and vulnerable and would be an action that gain attention rapidly.  But perhaps that would make too large of an impact too soon, and give the US provocation to retaliate, or even launch a “preemptive” strike. 

One should also consider that the United States has not demonstrated great resilience in very recent years like we have during earlier wars and conflicts.  Look to the neurotic reaction our fellow Americans had during the COVID crisis with hoarding toilet paper and the complete capitulation to the health care experts who have kept us under their thumbs with mask mandates and other recommendations.  Pretending that getting take out is the same as wilderness survival training is not the proper steps for reacting in true emergency when the power to your home is disrupted. 

Since our last podcast we have seen things escalate further, such as this Saturday when the bridge connection the Crimea to Russia was attacked, cutting of the main supply line the region.

Putin’s remarks from the article:

“The authors, perpetrators and sponsors are the Ukrainian secret services,” Putin said during a meeting with the head of the investigation committee, according to a video shared by the Kremlin.

“There is no doubt this is a terrorist act aimed at destroying critical Russian civilian infrastructure,” Putin added.

The incident claimed 3 lives, passengers in a car caught during the explosion.  The bridge is now operational, and Putin claims to have intel that the Ukrainian Secret Service was responsible.  John pointed out the next step in escalation to us yesterday.

We naturally naturally keep this on the forefront of our radar.  There is a saying “Don’t kick the sleeping bear.”  It seems that Brandon is continuing to kick the Russian bear in order to distract us from his disastrous policies here. 

Listen to Behind Enemy Lines Episode #12 here.

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