Show Notes: BEL #13, Bill Clinton And The Twitta

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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The panic hits before another recording session of our show, I have nothing funny to say.   Another Behind Enemy Lines Episode in the hopper, somehow.

I’m going to confess something, and John and Orange will testify to this:  I will be working away, look up at the clock and say “Shit, I have to call into Montana Talks and I don’t know what I’m going to say” or “Yikes, I have to think of something funny and my mind is a blank, we’re on in 5?  Fuuuuuuuddgee!”  It’s a habit I’ve fallen in to.  There’s no plan.  A panic sets in, yes I freak out a bit.  I don’t be the guy who thinks he’s funny and truly isn’t or thinks he sounds like Christopher Walken and just sounds like himself mis-pronouncing words.  That pressure keeps me creative – I really don’t want to be embarrassed  

Bill Clinton Visits the Podcast

An hour before the podcast I realize I haven’t made the outline – yes we do work from an outline – I need to finish my article for the show about the Ukrainian stamps and I have nothing to say in the opener that will be remotely entertaining.  My mind is a complete blank.  If I start the episode off like low energy Jen Bush, it’ going to throw everybody. Pressure.  So I finish up the article, clock is ticking and I have no inspiration, so I jump on Twitter.  And now I normally bitch about Twitter not showing me the relevant peeps in the BEL Tribe, but this time I get on and right there is a beautiful Tweet from Heather Shouse, and I see it because luckily Orange had replied to it.  So saved by Orange and Heather.  And to the wankas at Twitta who shadowban us, you didn’t interfere this time!

Bill Clinton’s voice is the result of allergies, and when I younger I suffered the same.  Plus I didn’t’ have live under Grandma Death’s yoke, so maybe that’s a factor too.  Who knows.  In the 90s I found that I could do a pretty good Bill Clinton – it’s frightening how easy it is. Am I born of the beast like Unka Bubba.  I worry about that, and all the personalities that live upstairs in my head.  But fug it, going with it. 

John and Blue are FUNNY guys, but the trick is you have to catch them off guard.   That gears them up.  On past shows I’ve done the German Nazi boy and other things right at the beginning, so I needed to spring that at different.  My goal on Montana Talks is jolt John into laughing so that Aaron turns off his mic, so I could do that out of the gate.

So I’m going to lull them into the regular rhythm of the podcast.  We do our warm talk, I run the list.  Yes again, I do have an outline and we do plan these shows.  But all is SOP.

The trap is set.  Shout Outs are fair game.  It’s all fair game.

Oh, and menthol and humming tune during the “service”, I’m saying I have references about Bill and that  I let you use your imaginations with that one  


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