I haven’t the Luxury of Principle- I’m a Parent.

Unlocking Proposal 3 thru Benjamin Martin 

The Patriot is probably one of Many favorites to watch..

A story about a man Named Benjamin Martin who led a small Milita just prior to the American Revolution but it wasn’t about his fight in battle or wars prior. Instead, the Language in this scene below is going to give you a different take on where we will go and how this contributes even more today than it did Prior to a Nation called, America. 

By Orange

If your principles dictate independence…then war is inevitable.

Michigan’s Proposal 3 in this upcoming ballot measure isn’t just well disguised but is very broad and like I said prior, with purpose. Many in the State have pointed at this in Question because as you will see- there is more to this than what meets the eye let alone what is being said by our Governer.

 Whitmer has always used women to drive her agenda, I mean look who she has in the car with her?!  Yet, the same Politics of this Party rejected defining a woman when it came to their Scotus pick. 


First and foremost, this is only about 2 words out of the whole. And if you guessed “Every Individual “- you’re correct. This isn’t limited to just “a woman”- this is cleverly outlined  not to define any One individual. So, any male, female or even child can be included.

Many signs for Prop3 in my side of the State are up stating that the language is confusing and to VOTE NO. The point is that it does allows so much room- more room than ever before. Handing that kind of Power over to Legislators- to be perceived as what is Fair and what should be defined as Freedom, I think makes most people in America uncomfortable. The broad brush that Gretchen Whitmer is painting this as, such as a Womans right to choose- is everything not about a womans right, period.

That being said- Do you believe that a Governor, who Locked up Michigan for two years is qualified to create or carry such a message? She assisted in letting out habitual offenders because of her panic to save a life. Are we to believe that she truly cares about the women of Michigan? What about children, did she actually care enough -that she willfully allowed Michigan Children to be deprived not only from an Education but their peers or any kind of normalcy? Or how about Men? Cutting off the means of providing for themselves or even their families -let alone the stupidity of rejecting them access into a boat to fish!

Before I get too carried away, let me help you understand how Mr. Martins words do contribute to the Language. I only chose one portion of this movie mainly based on the message. 

Abortionist today believe that having a child is a lack of Freedom. I say that as a Woman with a few of my own children and I have heard this argument for years just like the rest of Society. Who is probably tired of lending an ear to the cries from these radicals. And yes, they are exactly that, radical. Why? Because their own self admittance on the steps of Congress & SCOTUS claiming to Love Abortion, their bodies and the choice. Which is so skewed and misrepresented. Let me say, if you choose this to define A Women you are assisting these trainwrecks and that is a true lack thereof -when it comes to Principle*, FYI.  

Principle of Natural Rights in the United States is clearly defined. The position is that EVERYONE is Entitled to Live-As long as that Entitlement doesn’t inflict harm to another’s life. 

If we believe that to be true, then it is not a fetus, a baby or a clump of cells. It is Life. It’s not about a feeling or a possible future circumstance because Principle protects the Right to that Life. When we look to Mr. Martin, who claims the Luxury of Principle and most parents understand his refence. Which is completely based on the fact that his life is guided no longer by the entitlement of his own self wants or dreams but to those of his children.

Knowing this- I think it’s fair to ask the obvious: Why are Democrats so captivated on ensuring that the youth of America believe that Parenthood is explained in the Form of Enslavement? 

I mean, am I wrong to think of it that way?

Knowing every position that the Democratic Socialists/Progressive in this Country today demands more security, yet their idea of action requires a crisis to shuffle in more Policy, Bigger Government. But let’s be honest with ourselves too- we’ve never witnessed more Americans today, who have become far more dependent on the same Government that has been seen more than once, abuse its own people, Hence Gretchen Whitmer and AG Nessel. – Yet many of these same individuals are promising you and issuing the same rhetoric as a solution. 

In April of this Year, Whitmer took to the media to release a statement prior to the Scotus ruling:

No matter what happens to Roe, I am going to fight like hell and use all the tools I have as governor to ensure reproductive freedom is a right for all women in Michigan.If the U.S. Supreme Court refuses to protect the constitutional right to an abortion, the Michigan Supreme Court should step in. We must trust women — our family, neighbors, and friends — to make decisions that are best for them about their bodies and lives.

Here again, this Bitch in Michigan, our Governer-who used Executive Power to Abuse Michigan Business’s, Michigan Union Workers and Michigan Police Officers since Day One of her Oath. Is quite literally naming  The Essentials to her cause. Let’s be honest though, they’re only essential for her to access more power grabs, more of our tax dollars and more rules for thee- which equates to is less Freedom for Michiganders.

If Freedom over our own bodies truly mattered- I would be led to believe that Bitchmer would have done everything within her Power to assist and save those who lost their lives at a time when it truly mattered.

Instead, she ushered Covid positive patients into nursing homes across the State, which are our Most vulnerable during any Flu Season.

Yet I want to remind you, a Representative from over in Detroit was assisted in the State by President Trump. Her own Party chose to censure her over the fact that she chose treatment and thanked the President for aiding her at a time when chaos ensued, and Media was at their worst. Yet, look at what her own choices as a woman in this State cost her. Do you honestly believe that Big Bitchy Gretch is truly thinking about your choice, your body? Look how they chose to treat a woman who needed actual treatment for an illness !

IN closing – Michigan, if there is anything that you must do, we need to ensure that this woman and her faction of Insidious Stalinist are removed from Office come November. It is You, Michigan. It is you who decides if Proposal 3 will be allowed to be pushed onto Legislator’s desks for review on amending Michigan’s State Constitution. Will you choose Principle, or will you choose Feelings when you visit the booth in 2 weeks? 

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