Stacking the Ballot

Proposal 1 & 2

Michigan in 2018 clearly Stacked the Ballot for Gretchen Whitmer ...

Will they again be allowed to access the Ballot as Democrats have been doing for the last three Election Cycle? 

And most importantly we are going to Look at Both Proposal 1 & 2

By Orange

We looked at the Language of Proposal 3 last week and covered this controversial topic. Here is an Amazing Example just what’s in store for Michigan IF it passes..

Yet while Proposal 3 is Extremely Toxic- I wanted to take some time out and Move to Invest sometime into Prop 1 & 2 because all who are voting today should be making it absolutely imperative to keep yourself informed when it comes to Legislation and more importantly your community. So let’s dive in..

Proposal 1:

Based on info given on Proposal 1 the ballot initiative seems pretty straight forward which includes Legislative Term Limits and Finanancial Discloser but the interesting aspect to Prop One is the fact of WHO endorsed this. When the Board of Directors from the Chamber votes on this and claims that they represent Member employers from across the State- you kind of have to wonder what the hell that really means. 

First let’s start off with the fact that there are two parts to Prop1. Term Limit Reform which will place limits on state legislators, replacing the current limits of six years in the House and eight years in the Senate. The Second Portion is Finanancial Discloser which would make the Govenor, AG and other top officials including State Lawmakers cough up their personal financial records to the public on the sources of their income. Which Utah is the only other State besides Michigan that doesn’t require this to run for Office. 


No matter how you look at both of these Items in Prop.1- all I can see is an obvious attempt for black mail from one party over the other and I say that because we’ve seen this time and time again to completely DE platform candidates who were more than capable and qualified based on their principle and solutions for their communities. So why now? Why do these two items get pushed onto a ballot now yet wasn’t in 2018 or 2020? 

Proposal 2:

All I’m going to say about Prop 2 is READ IT YOURSELF, really! 

This is SOS Bensons Baby- the whole Whammy- in other words. And exactly why I call it Ballot Stacking. 

Forget the Idea of Gerrymandering, those days are gone. This Communistic Trifecta in Michigan has done this kind of shit over and over again because they KNOW their voters are not informed. Exactly why they pork stuff our Elections with Campaign adds full of Giddy language like a Fundamental Right to Abort, Reform & Promote. Since I started listing this- every topic that we have covered that is on the Ballot in Michigan in this Mid-Term Election is in fact already Law. We do not need 9 more days leading up to an Election, that is just a tainted ballot scam- plain and simple! Nor do we need more ballots drop boxes if you’re pushing for 9 days of early voting! Who the hell wrote this besides a dumbass? These are the SAME PEOPLE who informed us that 2020 was the most Free and Fairest Election, Safe and secure like a baby! –

Now think about this- 2 years of lock down, zero fiscal responsibility, a higher cap on education which was squeezed thru with Big Britches Bent Toe on it and the best you’ve got as a State Lawmaker is this shit?

Michigan I want you to know something in Closing and it is this: 

You are the Resistance in Michigan if you’re Informed and a Voter.

Now go do your part & help Save the State on Nov.8th

An a Huge Beautiful Hug to Izzy from Nothern Michigan for the links, information and help on this topic! 


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