What do you want out of the Future?

Are social media platforms the active test of AI?
By Orange

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest- all leading ways of communication today in the digital world. But what are they really for besides communication? Do we actually ask ourselves why these exist?  I mean, back when you were a kid and while growing up-did you actively think that communication lacked? Did your parents honestly say- you know, the Electric Company makes it impossible for me to see them while Karl shuts off the lights- I mean, he should see how upset the kids are going to be when they realize how irresponsible I was with the only dollars we have.

While the ability to share, pay, eat & book a hotel is far more advanced than ever before including education- we still seem to be lacking in remembering just exactly what life was like as a child growing up without the internet. 

I will share one aspect that I have observed and that is we have less Sunday drivers today verse when I was a kid. That being said, today you almost have to ask who is the robot? Is it Sally & Jim- who have been some of the most scheduled individuals in life? They take the same vacation down to Florida each year at the same beach house and enjoy the same beaches and the same double scoop of Blue Moon Ice-cream in a waffle cone from the shop on the corner? 

What most people are not realizing is that my computer while I try to type and try to form a coherent thought- wants to help correct, type my next word and tries to desperately imitate me. You know what that’s called?  If you believe it’s called Spell check- you’re wrong. Its AI. AI in the Real World is actively participating in your day as much as you are just without the anxiety. And just an FYI:

  • Today more than 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety, and it is the most common mental illness in the US.

 us Questioning the nature of your reality: 

Seems silly to most- those of us who are active participants on Social Media platforms are never really questioning the nature of Reality. Instead, we are leading the way to actively isolate and cheat reality by living in a controlled environment. An Environment, regardless of whether it chooses us or not- we choose it and why do we choose what we do not understand? 

While we are led to believe that we have an ability to gain and retain the knowledge that is formed from around the World and access it anytime during the day with the movement of a fingertip- how in the hell is it then possible that today’s generation is still leading the way in Active Stupidity?

Yet, we choose to define the well- rounded and experienced individuals as those who were once the Greatest of Generations from WW2 and not because of their access to information- but instead by plainly living life without the dependency of technology. They fought Wars in Person and not from a drone in the Sky. They participated in speaking, singing and being together in person without Fear. 

 Fear is one of the most powerful terms but not just in language but as well by emotion that creates a reaction-and that was chosen to be used with the help of Technology. Covid, “The Science”- claimed Experts around the World- who were allowed to actively provoke this emotion in the minds of millions without any hesitation. And without any fear from those who they harmed is probably one of the most barbaric things we have openly witnessed in this New Age. There isn’t a scale on the earth to show the weight let alone the depth of what those actions will ultimately provide. 

Acknowledging this in closing, the opening Question still very much stands: 

What do you want out of the Future?

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