Show Notes: BEL Episode 23

By John Doe

Listen To Episode 23 Here

We kicked of the year with a discussion of McCarthy’s bid for Speaker, FTX, Fauci and COVID.  It’s good to be back and charged up.

We are BACK!  Took time off for the holidays but man did we just fall right back into the groove.  Show notes are below.

McCarthy Update

Gaetz chatting up AOC, they sure look cozy despite how much disdain each express for one another.  Sort of reminds you of WWE, doesn’t it?

Elon’s progress vs Twitter’s regress

Police Officers Stabbed in NYC on New Years Eve

Attacker was on FBI watch list.

FTX Update

Times Square machete-wielding suspect was on terror watch list: report

Fauci Retires

St Anthony of Wuhan left us a terrible legacy.  Part of his retirement goodbye.  This doctor cannot explain why cancer symptoms were not reported to clinical trial group.

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