Losing Cultural Courage

Respect, So Hard To Earn, So Easy To Burn

I feel compelled to just yell out for youTo say the words that you can’t bring outBut I cannot do everything for youAnd if I don’t then these stones will shoutYeah, if I don’t then these stones will shoutWell, if I don’t then these stones will shout

Jack White, These Stones Will Shout

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee
Cultivating Cultural Courage is a simple concept:  find the confidence to go forth and promote the strengths of our heritage without fear of retribution and unabashedly highlight those strong characteristics.  Or in more avuncular terms, stop freaking worrying about those who will not agree and sing your own damn praises, cause your principles worked for dad, they worked for America and it’s turned out pretty well so far.
We cower in this society.  That’s the appropriate stance to take, humble yourself lower than a white belt on his first day in the dojo.  Be data driven and make no assumptions.  Your instincts are better informed by the wisdom of crowds. 
Data science has permeated and made everything better, and incrementalism of group decisions guides society to a better place.  Don’t tell me these are forces that you have never encountered, if you haven’t, congratulations, I want your job.

For the rest of us, we feel these pressures to give up what’s worked out well so far.  In spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, we must bow our heads and apologize.  I am going to tell you a story of a friend whose name I will protect.  This person – and yes I feel compelled not to reveal their gender – is a family friend who recently experienced an extreme awakening and jumped into the middle of the 2022 political competition, rivaling my efforts on the quest to become a precinct delegate.  My friend is a hero, I admire my friend for the energy they expended for their unrelenting pursuit of the truth, and I am proud to say that my friend is pursuing office in my county.  Being black pilled myself, it’s far more than what I can muster after seeing the complete inept and corrupt nature of the Michigan Republican party.

My friend is new to politics and is now working with a team of people who have a new and different plan to get conservatives elected.  What my friend will read here will not be surprising, nor hurtful as I relayed the same concepts to my friend during our weekend conversation that I’m telling you now.  Love me or hate me you always know where you stand with me, and if you don’t, you generally find out soon enough.

Ok.  Here’s the plan:  run as a moderate and do not express your feelings or conservative principles.  Yes in a region where the majority are liberals, run as a moderate as the liberals will never ever ferret out your true feelings if they forget to check what party you are registered with.  Sneak in, then do a reveal showing who you truly are.  Trust the plan.

The purveyors of this plan have yet to execute this plan successfully in my county.  But I’m sure they have some angle that I just don’t see.

I admit, I sometimes very arrogantly enjoy my presumptive sin and dismiss others’ talents.  But in this case I have already walked the walk, literally, to over 1000 homes in my district to deliver my flier for the precinct delegate office.  I had to, because the GOP couldn’t give me an accurate list of registered Republicans in my precinct so I was faced with canvasing my entire district to seek out Republicans who might vote for me.  10-20 seconds per door as I dropped off my flier.  “This is what I stand for, if our principles agree I hope you vote for me.”  It worked, I’m a delegate now.  And yes, I turned down the same parties that are currently advising my friend.  They reached out to me.  My friend reached out to me on their behalf.  My response was “Since you tell me not to explain what distinguishes me, I can tell you that our working together would be a complete disaster.  I call out the low hanging fruit, and don’t worry about whether my message will be received warmly by liberals.”

Now am I an asshole when I deliver my view?  No.  After all, I’m on someone’s front porch asking them to listen to me.  But do I say I believe abortion is murder?  You bet. 

Here’s the amazing thing about Michigan, the MIGOP and their vestigial brains:  with all their marketing data, all their “expertise”, their 30 million dollars the MIGOP lost to a tyrant who locked Michiganders in their homes during COVID.  The state has the worst recovery record from COVID in the US, we had nearly the worst COVID record regarding deaths of seniors, we had 8.5 billion in unemployment fraud under Gov Gretch Whitmer.  Yet the MIGOP could not go after the low hanging fruit, instead they pretended to be “Purple” and turned away from our American heritage that made us great.  And shunned our instincts that avoid the very disasters that the left managed to perpetrate during the scamdemic.  That instinct kept my family and circle healthy and off the mRNA vaccine.

And yet despite our resounding defeat in 2022, our being spanked out of the state house and senate, people believe they can fool liberals into ignoring who you as long as you try to fool yourself.

 Let’s play a little game, it will be fun.  It’s called Spot the Humanzee Culture Warrior.


How does your city conduct business, should there be better planning to save money?

A:  Clearly studying data from projects of comparable cities will reveal the best course of action, so we need comprehensive plans based on continued reseearch.

B:  We over-plan and fail to ask if we should even have the initiative in the first place and not whether private means could solve the issue better.

I’ll wait while you guess my answer.

Yeah, it’s B.  I’ve said that so many times it’s second nature, and guess what?  Liberals hate that answer because they so thoroughly believe in answer A.  I have the confidence to reject their very process that they love.  You don’t think the leftists can’t spot that?  Hell, ask Orange, she’ll tell you that you can read answer B in my face from a while away.

You can’t hide.  Don’t.  Embrace the barbs, rocks they’ll throw and the punches you’re gonna take.  That’s the road of Cultural Courage.

For my friend’s part, I support their quest, and they expressed that at some point they need to be themselves.  I wish my friend luck, I want a victory for them.  But you have play to your strengths.

In closing some lyrics and a song to drive the point home.  Play the song, trust me, it fits the mood perfectly.

I feel compelled to just yell out for youTo say the words that you can’t bring outBut I cannot do everything for youAnd if I don’t then these stones will shoutYeah, if I don’t then these stones will shoutWell, if I don’t then these stones will shout

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