Show Notes: BEL #24

the mighty humanzee
The Mighty Humanzee

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We focused primarily on the House selection process for Speak and Brandon’s secret documents.

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Brandon does have secret documents!! 

Sponsored by the Washington Post.  The Washington Post, tagline: No there’s nothing to see here.

John’s single Tweet summed 5 years of activity.

Speaker of the House Selection – WWE In Congress

The Concessions that the 20 Obtained

House Ethics Package Highlights

Republican House Rules Package Passes, All Republicans Vote Support Except Two Texans

    • CUTGO, which requires mandatory spending increases to be offset only with equal or greater decreases in mandatory spending — no new taxes allowed. The GOP last put this into place in the 112th Congress.
    • Gephardt rule,” which had allowed the House to automatically send a measure extending the debt limit to the Senate when it adopts a budget resolution. That maneuver had been used to let the House avoid a direct vote on lifting the debt ceiling.
Gaetz wants CSpan back on House floor.

Gen Flynn on Editorial on the SubCommittee to Investigation Weaponization of DoJ and FBI

Gen. Flynn Exclusive: 1 Rule House Just Adopted Set to Expose FBI, DOJ Attacks on American Citizens

I truly doubt that if Elon Musk had not purchased Twitter and arranged for independent journalists to expose the collusion between big government and Big Tech the new Weaponization Subcommittee would never have been created. However, if it is able to expose what has been hidden, we may have our best chance to derail the campaign of fear and intimidation that the deep state continues to wage, not against lawbreakers, but against hundreds of Jan. 6 protesters who did nothing more than attend a rally to petition the government.

Brandon’s Got Border

The Before and After photos of cleaning up Brandon’s Potemkin Village at the Border.

COVID:  mRNA Vaccines Had 770 Adverse Events

And while the CDC did not VAERs analysis for 15 months, we told the vaccines were safe and effective.  And to further add to the gaslighting effect, you see these ads on Twitter that explain way symptoms you may now have from the vaccine as stress related.

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