Whitmer Calls for More… Laws?

The Governor best known for abusing Executive Orders and the Law Is now back & ready to Rule Michiganders with an Iron Fist when it comes to their own choice of Protection.
BY Orange

The Local Media is currently bumping up the Political Agenda before Legislators get back into Congress and One of those Political yacking points is Whitmer’s Address to the State. 

Talking heads are beginning to pace the floor with the latest assertion that Bitchmer will be delivering a message that has been a lifelong Political agenda for Democrats in Michigan and that is on “Gun Control.” 

If you’ve lived in this State, visited or even know someone currently living here, then you probably have heard about this before. Democrats here have always issued Gun Control as a means for more litigation & Law and if you’ve watched politics, then you know they love to talk about what YOU have not what’s in their closet or garage. -HA!


According to the hissing, Bitchmer is looking to use School Shootings and the Health & Well-being of our children to be the way forward when it comes to safety and the future. 

-I’m not talking about taking everyone’s guns away-” Bitchmer says.

And if that doesn’t send a message, this word vomited Expert from MSN explains it this way:

“What she is talking about is allowing the courts to confiscate guns from those who may not be fit to own one, the so-called red flag law. For the first time, she endorsed universal background checks on the sale of guns at shows and between private parties, along with gun shops. Over 80% of citizens support this. She also wants lawmakers to mandate the safe storage of firearms.”-

But there is a huge problem in the wake of Bitchmer’s quest of Salvation for Michigan and those supposed “mass shootings “. 

In July of 2022 CNN – aka “Fake News” – hosted a segment on one mass shooting that killed 7 and injured 24 people. A loser groupie analyst, named Paul Callan, openly admitted to the Public that every one of these measures that Bitchmer is calling for completely failed to Prevent – let alone Stop – the actual Shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. 

In his own words: 

I think they have 59 police officers on the force, and I can tell you … in most affluent towns in America, the police chief would know if a kid with a tattoo on his face who’s attempted to commit suicide and subsequently threatened to kill every member of his family, the police chief would know if that kid had a permit to get a weapon,” Callan said, adding “and there was a tremendous failure here that this wasn’t picked up on, and we’ve got a lot of fatalities as a result of that.”

Now, I am not an expert, and many people from around the country are not claiming to be experts either.   Yet based on the last OZFest podcast where Zee and I uncovered the AI and its performance, imagine this same system performing a “Mental Health Check” on you prior to being able to walk into a store that does sell Guns & Ammo. Ask yourself why it became a pivotal speaking point in States across the Country to Internet Access.  The fact that these systems have the potential to be used in this way or a variety of situations.should alarm you, and do not think that your State Representatives are going to project differently. Even here in rural areas of Michigan, business owners of all walks of life demanded the upgrades to make a living based in their sales.


But overall I’d really like to know why one individual’s act of insanity should be the Ruling Order handed down to me, the Indvidual – of how I am either allowed or denied Due process. This seems to be a common theme since BlowTard Joe took center stage to accept the title of the Presidency in 2020, doesn’t it?

Michigan has a hard painful road ahead of her no matter what side of the political fence you are on.

Many have already fled this State just based on Covid orders, the lack of employment and now more will flee willfully because they know that there is no recourse for the people in this State like many others- who just want to pursue their own lives and dreams without the interference from a Governor/ Government. Which I’d also like to add in – who just chose to jump on a plane and attend the WEF CIRCUS Shit show.

Yes America- this is Where We Are Today. 

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