Whenever Law ends, Tyranny begins.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

While the World tries to create an Image to identify with, a great man once said that the Powerful words of the Declaration of Independence was “a rebuke and a stumbling-block to tyranny and oppression.”  

By Orange

The Beginning of America is founded on We, as a People, and Truth.

Rarely do we see this.

Rarely is it acknowledged as just that.

While we praise our Founding Fathers words and passionate persuasions in disagreements, each forged themselves from years of experience based on their common love and duty for: “We the People”. 

Truth has always been a basis of America as a nation. Human beings have a sensational appetite for Truth as well as Freedom.  I mean, look at the State of “We the People” today in America. Yet in 2023 Progressive Elites want to inform you that humans have discovered a new ability to evolve. As if Society, as a whole, has changed its mind.  Along with that, the body follows, and our history is no longer appropriate in their mind. 

While Progressives think that is the Science of some things- and how strangely ambitious it is- we know based on Experience that it’s just going to “work out” no matter what color, word or asserted status they present it. We know it’s not going to work but hey- can you get blood out of a turnup, really?  But isn’t that the beauty of America, today? While you enjoy the perception, I painted in the beginning of this yack of a unified effort, our rights as American citizens are as well, individually ordered as Law- regardless of anyone else’s personal bias including our government officials.

That being said, resurfacing the position in my mind of “self-evident truth” is something I wanted to give a voice to.

Our Constitution hands us an outline of what this means from the smallest of civic duty standpoints all the way leading to the presentation of personal response of the security of a Free State.  Identity of self is the substance of every thoughtful human being. It’s required and carves out a journey of every man and woman -no matter the prior circumstance or fear. Yet- in order to recognize this- we must understand where the identity of self is seated when it comes these documents and what the Founders ultimately believed so passionately in that lead them to writing these documents.

Prior to America, international powers that existed during that time, used violence and force on a people who they believed could be overcome by starvation and oppression. This gave way to the perception of a future existence of America.  For that to develop, early Americans had to force the eye of Britain to acknowledge that the people living here would not bend their knees to a throne that demanded their obedience. Hence the presentation of Natural Law was constructed to formally introduce the basis of liberation and ultimately, independence.


Nature Itself must be the Standard

Making their appeal on the basis of “the law of nature and of nature’s God.” 

The Appeal of Natural Law severed the cord from the Womb of British Rule. While today we applaud and celebrate, imagine the moment of pause you’d have to take just that in. 

America was in the early process of being formed. A Welsh man named Richard Price was becoming pretty popular based on the subject matter of a phablet that would later be adopted and entered in as the framework of the United States Constitution. In case you’ve never heard nor read it- no worries… I have you covered. 

IN order to obtain a more distinct and accurate view of the nature of Liberty as such, it will be useful to consider it under the four following general divisions.

First, Physical Liberty. —Secondly, Moral Liberty. —Thirdly, Religious Liberty. —And Fourthly, Civil Liberty.

—These heads comprehend under them all the different kinds of Liberty. And I have placed Civil Liberty last, because I mean to apply to it all I shall say of the other kinds of Liberty.

By Physical Liberty I mean that principle of Spontaneity, or Self-determination, which constitutes us, Agents; or which gives us a command over our actions, rendering them properly ours, and not effects of the operation of any foreign cause.

Moral Liberty is the power of following, in all circumstances, our sense of right and wrong; or of acting in conformity to our reflecting and moral principles, without being controlled by any contrary principles.

Religious Liberty signifies the power of exercising, without molestation, that mode of religion which we think best; or of making the decisions of our own consciences, respecting religious truth, the rule of our conduct, and not any of the decisions of others.

—In like manner; Civil Liberty is the power of a Civil Society or State to govern itself by its own discretion; or by laws of its own making, without being subject to any foreign discretion, or to the impositions of any extraneous will or power.

It should be observed, that, according to these definitions of the different kinds of liberty, there is one general idea, that runs through them all; I mean, the idea of Self-direction, or Self-government.


Application is Fundamental

Richard Price’s ideas would be later be incorporated into the framework by Washington himself and called a Doctor of Work. He made his way into becoming an elected international member of one of the First Societies at that time, called the American Philosophical Society (APS).

Early members included: Benjamin FranklinJohn DickinsonGeorge WashingtonJohn AdamsThomas Jefferson, Alexander HamiltonJames McHenryThomas Paine to name a few…

So, you’re probably wondering the purpose for all this. Why the need to read over information that Americans and people around the world have access to in this day? Because the Natural Man and Woman still exist in the world today.  And in order to understand this, we must first apply the actual truth that Men and Women have an unalienable right to themselves, their bodies, minds and will. And in order for that to be defined and ordered they must be rooted in what is known to man:  Nature itself. 

Rush Limbaugh said it fantastically: 

This country was the first in human history to embody, acknowledge, and promote the concept of human liberty as that which comes first in any society. It comes before a government. It comes before government power. This country embodied the idea that a constitution should limit what government can do to people, not limit the people. The fact that this country established and acknowledged that by virtue of our holy creation that we have certain unalienable rights, which means they can’t be taken away by anybody. That’s what inalienable means. Life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, those three things were acknowledged to be the natural state of the human being in the United States and everywhere. Never before in history had that been done.”

 “WE Hold These Truths” not the Government nor the programs they offer, not the media, not your neighbors, not Experts or Historian’s.  You- The American.

Some today believe that this kind of thinking is no longer needed, used or applicable to the Modern-day America. Much like active Progressive Losers throwing themselves into every Scotus ruling – yet even the Progressive agrees, that in order for Society to remain and continue forward “the People” are in fact required. That is why the Founders thought it to be pivotal that a constitution be brought into work as the companion to what Natural Law represents of Man. That the Sovereignty of Man’s body and mind belongs to the individual which equates Life. As I pointed out in the beginning, the founders forged themselves through their experiences based on their common love and duty for “We the People” because they knew that Tyranny yielded nothing for human beings. 

Now it is our duty, America. 

“Cultivators of the earth are the most valuable citizens. They are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous, and they are tied to their country and wedded to its liberty and interests by the most lasting bonds.”

― Thomas Jefferson


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