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As usual Oakland County will influence state politics with terrible results

Republicans in Oakland want to be more Puprle yet do not recognize that the rest of state still resents Whitmer’s COVID tyranny.  They are blowing an opportunity.

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

In Michigan the Republican Party is licking it’s wounds after being handed a resounding defeat in all quarters of the election.  The Secretary of State, Attorney General, Governor’s seat, state House of Representatives and state Senate all fell to the Democrats.  In local races outside of Oakland and Wayne County Republicans were able to make gains, particularly in Ottawa County that swept out Democrats from county commission seats and tossed out a health director who favored lock downs, masks and vaccination.

Yes, things look pretty bleak, the MIGOP chairmen are stepping down, the party claims to have no money remaining.  Funny, with all the endorsements and the supposed 20 million dollars at its disposal for the 2022 campaign you would hope leadership would be able to provide a path for rebuilding.

There is a clear path, and it’s based on some easy math and a willingness for Republicans to get outside of Oakland County.  Oakland, Wayne and to a surprising extent Kent counties are at odds with MAGA.  We in Oakland county erased the vote for the remainder of the state.  We’re woke.  We just voted to give the WEF 3 Million to help us convert to smart cities.  We are a juggernaut of liberalism.  Our conservatives here are infested with liberal thinking.  

Right now the big question for the Republicans is how to finance the party.  The idea is that big donors are needed.  And that’s the problem.  Big donor’s like the DeVoss family will use the party for their own ends, and “Purple” candidates who tack to the left will be selected.  Those candidates will excite the dummies in Oakland county, but they will lose the base of the remainder of the state.  Don’t believe me?  Mainstream Republicans wanted to put the same empty suit Tom Leonard up against Dana Nessel again.  He was schlonged in the debates by Darth Nessel in 2018, and the mainstream were all disappointed that the MAGA grassroots threw out hay against the cage and got Deperno nominated.  I was one of those deplorable precinct delegates who made that happen.

Now the Republican Party says I’m the problem and have scared donors away.  If they are the donors afraid of their own shadow and thought that Gretch would provide a better business environment after the COVID lockdowns, good.  I don’t want their money.  There’s a better group more motivated than the losers who want to kiss Gretch’s ring.  


Small businesses number near 905,000 in the state, and looking at this chart, they are in higher concentration OUTSIDE Oakland County.  The darker the color, the higher the concentration of small businesses.  The rural counties have a HIGH distrust and RESENTMENT toward the liberals.  During COVID, these counties with small businesses were invaded by health departments,  Barber shops were fined $10,000 or more for operation, Dana Nessel jailed a pizzeria owner for 30 plus days for defying COVID lockdown orders.  The owner of that pizzeria is a refugee of communist Poland and came to the US to escape tyranny.  While Oakland county played wilderness survival by eating take out and watching Netflix, other counties suffered.  Darth Nessel didn’t bother with the metro areas, she targeted the farm communities, small towns and small business owners.

And Darth Nessel also targeted businesses in Midland where her lawsuit to protect invasive lake mussels resulted in the Midland Reservoir breach, displacing 10,000 citizens.  Drive by Midland on Route 10 and you see the miles of devastation.  Before the breach you saw the sprawling waters of the reservoir, now it’s exposed marshy fields strewn with dead trees.  

Yes, there is great resentment outside of Oakland county toward the progressive idiocy that has destroyed the state, yet the morons in Oakland county don’t realize the opportunity they are passing up by NOT going MAGA, by not going deep red.  Need cash?  If you could get 20% of those 900,000 businesses to donate $20 a month, a mere $20 a month, you would have an impressive budget.  There are enough people in the state who KNOW that they’ve been cheated, were locked down, who are hurting from Lansing’s idiocy and Darth Nessel’s shock troop tactics.  

Don’t go big, screw that.  Go independent.  They are out there.  And let Oakland county enjoy their new smart cities and EVs that will be stranded on the side of the road.

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