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By Orange

What in the HELL is Merrick Garland actually doing calling for a comprehensive report from the ATF or is that just bullshit news?

I mean, I don’t particularly care for the loser and yes, he is. Only Barack Obama would nominate a suggestive Independant in place of Scalia’s death at the time.   Republican’s like McConnel ensured that- yah know the idea of “A good guy would win”. Yet-Don’t think that the same losers in the Swamp today are there to benefit WE the People. Yet, I think Americans already know this. 

ABC did a fantastic job though reporting this Chock full of Vomit- from the ATF on “Crime Trafficked guns“- the stats on this is not only absolutely ridiculous but moronic.  They’re trying to suggest that weapons where trafficked the most under the Trump Administration. That people during lock down were running around in vehicles full of weapons throwing them out the windows and planting bushels of AR15 across America. 

Now read this and tell me how the Hell the ATF actually has this information let alone if its even true..  

“The ATF traced more than 19,000 privately made firearms in 2021, more than double the year before.” 

Can someone inform me of how the ATF has the ability to track “privately made firearms”? These are not firearms used in any crime, they’re created without a suggestive serial number and yet- they have had the ability say- these are in homes. That seems pretty interesting. I mean- is the ATF using a form of high technological gadgets to spy and pry on the AMerican in their homes or are they just cherry-picking numbers out of there Butt cracks like a Biden spud nugget and throwing it at the wall in hopes of it sticking?

Now- I know you chose the latter- most people do. But I am here to tell you that these agencies are clearly informing you that they are watching you without your consent and that they are as well going to continue because this is Soley about an extensive report that you paid the agency to do. Which its actually not the ATF’s job to investigate any American citizen in the privacy of their home because there actually isn’t a need for one but Merric Garland believes that after 20 years of shootings maybe the ATF should converge with the FBI to be a strong arm to enforce a narrative. 

But I cannot convince you that this is actually happening, but I will allow you to decide for yourself based on how the ATF defines themselves. 

ATF protects the public from crimes involving firearms, explosives, arson, and the diversion of alcohol and tobacco products; regulates lawful commerce in firearms and explosives; and provides worldwide support to law enforcement, public safety, and industry partners. “

So, in other words:

Protects the Public, Regulates Lawful Commerce & provides support to public agencies and Industry Partners. 

But hey guys… I am just a mom in Michigan with a tin foil hat on my head and I guess I think a little too much- a bit outspoken at times too. 

But reading thru this moronic article itself reminds me of a quest we had a little while back in Ozfest about how casual Government agencies and even some officials use these three lettered agencies to probe a little further to Interpret, institute, itemized and push a narrative into the Media machine that rolls out like vomit from a baby ingesting too much food.

In reference to that here is the actual reporting from a year ago that Zee and I talked about that had to do with a certain amount of Attorney Generals in some states that wanted to take action without you being able to make a choice. This is by your own Government officials deciding what work they want to do and what information they want you to know and by design- the narrative continues. 

Yet again, I will be the first to tell you, I cannot convince you. You have the ability in America- to make your own mind up about the ATF and how the Government operates for you. 

In the meantime- let’s get back to the article. 

 The first sentence of this says: “how Legally obtained guns are being used in more crimes today verses any other time in the last decade.” Which brings me to the point that recently on Spaces Zee- pointed out how absolutely incredible it was that the CDC was ordered by the Obama administration to create and monitor stats on gun violence and measures of prevention. Now- I’m not an expert- we have loads of them suggestively in America today- falling out of the walls and on the ground for ensuring our safety and well-being. They want to make sure that You are advocated for to the fullest extent. That being said- kind of late Mr. Garland on this ATF report, right? I mean, if gun violence has been allowed to “grow” to this extent. It seems just as bad as the Government withholding information about balloons floating in US Air Space-Right? 

Furthering the point, ABC reports that: 

Most guns used in crimes changed hands since their purchase. It also found what Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco called an epidemic of stolen guns: more than 1.07 million firearms were reported stolen between 2017 and 2021. Almost all of those, 96%, were from private individuals.” – 

Ah, excuse me- isn’t it the law in the US to Report that your firearm is stolen? Am I missing the point she is trying to make or am I just not supposed to think for myself and leave this up to the Experts? 

These are the very tactics that the Media and certain aspiring losers like David Hogg enjoy making vague & stupid narratives about everyday Law-abiding Americans. These morons feel the need to make themselves known, that there is some kind of relevancy for them- so much so as they should help assist their goals with this agenda against the Gun Lobby which is really you- the American Gun Owning Taxpayer.

I mean- out of all the things that these people in general could be doing with all their time- why not chose to feed the homeless or teach others to ride a bike or walk? Like haven’t you seen Joe? The guy cannot ride a bike let alone walk up a flight of stairs. 

The real point comes down to the fact that these losers are just trying to exercise the first amendment to provoke a change which they believe should dictate the right for you to protect yourself and live your own life. Yet- so many times we have seen this clear cognitive dissonance being exercised in the public. Our own elected representatives- you know, those who claim that the Second Amendment should be regulated to the point of what you should be allowed to possess. They really do enjoy their sense of entitlement that ensures them that their own public appearances are fully detailed with guards. It’s on paper and we pay for their safe space to be secure so they can make that appearance! Isn’t it just amazing how said Wealth brought on that kind of Privilege? Which has helped them yet has left the most vulnerable defenseless.

-I mean, haven’t you recently heard about how AOC had to ride in this armored vehicle because she believes that her feeling of insecurity being a public representative has somehow made her important and central to this argument? But pay no- attention to her arrest record, you know it’s just there to reflect that she stood up for something, right?  

But listen- I am not here to change your mind, institute or even call for a change to the Constitution. I believe that when the framers of America decided to sit down and call for a record of protections to a Free People and State- they wrote it exactly how it was to be understood and exercised. It’s really that Black and White regardless of where Society would be, could be and is in 2023. 

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