Michigan Farms being Hijacked.

A large chip manufacturing plant would change Eagle Township and "this is not what we want for our grandkids to live with 10 years from now."
By Orange

People like Cori Feldpausch, who is demanding answers from her township board meeting on March 2nd want answers to insisted Questions they’ve asked when the people of the Township learned that plans are in the making of a 1400-acre site.  Eagle Township residents are already aware that operations are in the works for developers to hatch a plan to the currently zoned farm.  Meanwhile -the commission has remained quiet allowing the community to make or create their own assumptions for this site while they question what in the hell is actually going on. 

The property itself is one of three parcels up for grab for this “incentive development” for manufacturing that Bitchface Whitty has promised for the future of a Greener Michigan.  In fact- the property is owned primarily by Michigan State University and marketed by Lansing Area Economic Partnership.

Personally, I just find it amazing that these small communities are seen for- based on how the progressive left see’s- as the only the sole areas to this kind of said incentives. As if there are no other options for this kind of development anywhere else in the State of Michigan.  I mean- didn’t these same developers believe back in 92 that this would help grow Detroit? Oh wait- we better go back further than that, but I mean, it would be unnatural for me to do this without mentioning the Clintons in this realm because let’s just face it. These assholes love to pretend like they’re saving the “American family life” while they slow burn it into a complete and utter shithole. Let’s face it- they’ve done this in success in 36 states across the USA and it continues to downgrade.  Its 2023- you tell me if it has made Detroit a shining light of modern living and job security? 

Instead, these rural development plans have been made into more upchuck yack than actual action to serve the people in the communities. People see the ads in the paper, social media and on television and these are farfetched promises these secured jobs will drive them out of the hole that legislators & Governors alike have promise would only be temporary. 

For Instance- Zee zoomed this article over to me this weekend and said- O, look at this bs, all bait and switches in the name of “ Economic development.”. 

Which this wild idea was sold on the perception that the Bitchmer Ford deal would create more jobs- yet the amount of actual physical corporate Death these deals have following them is a huge, festering lie to the people of these areas. An area that I grew up next to in Wexford County called Traverse City. 

While the incentive looks glorious and substantial – these are only bullshit theories that allows these same losers to somehow identify you as a low-income homeowner and try to offer help to grow the town. They’re not asking- these people are motivated to make you believe this town in their town too and that hijacking it because their town at home offers better services to accommodate a weekend feels “better”. The matter of convivence overrides their common sense and yet Michiganders fall for it every time. 

People in Rural areas should know this because its the reason why many leave the city lights for it.

 Neighborhood Enterprise Zones have been around for years in Michigan and many times has been used to accommodate this thinking all based on tourism. Hatchet Face Whitmer has made this statement over and over again and one of the reasons as to why that “Pure Michigan” slogan exist. She says she cares about the Michiganders while shutting off Detroit’s water supply and then moving in contaminated soil from her outside investments- so we can realistically toughen up. As if her dementated ideals behind locking us down for two years wasn’t enough. 

But its way more than that. You think that her trying to fix the damn potholes in Michigan, which she didn’t – was bad, the amount of debt these insane and outdated ideas is much deeper and harder to climb out of than that a 6-bedroom pothole on Michigan roads across the state.

Ladies and Gentlemen-stop settling for incentive speeches from radical leftwing progressive bitchcakes! The Progressive commies are already here waiting and scheming their ways into your homes, schools, businesses and property. Nobody is going to stop them unless you stand up and fight! 

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