Politically Corrupt

From Culture to Climate- How Language was weaponized to police you -
BY Orange

For years we have heard the cries from the Left to the Right about Political Correctness and what that means…

But what does it mean when you shuffle Wack job reports with Larger Wack job reporters into the Media? 

The Back story

“Since the late 1980s, the term has been used to describe a preference for inclusive language and avoidance of language or behavior that can be seen as excluding, marginalizing, or insulting to groups of people disadvantaged or discriminated against, particularly groups defined by ethnicity, sex, gender, or sexual orientation. In public discourse and the media.”

The phrase: politically correct first appeared in the 1930s, when it was used to describe dogmatic adherence to ideology in authoritarian regimes, such as Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

So, no wonder you’re hearing a few talking heads like Upchuck Todd- showing his true side over the words spoken from DeSantis in Florida. I mean, Commies, Marxist, and the Fascist lives Matter and Trump is a Nazi! You see how this works?

The Woken Broken Lefty loons enjoy creating their story to make your story sound corrupt. As if Conservative speech should be the benchmark of suggestive corruption, yet pay no mind to a group called the Lincoln Project – who in a nutshell is an Orgy ring for sexualizing and making minors their victims. How’s that for honesty-boys and girls?! Oh and no, I am not apologizing for refusing to use pronouns. If you believe that you have the right to demand how I speak, go find someone else that buys your doggy bag of vomit and plays your game. 

That being said, here we are going to speak like adults and even if it does offend, and let’s be honest, sometimes it’s not a bad thing to offend someone. I don’t know why we ever thought it was acceptable to believe that. Imagine how we would all be today if our parents followed these kinds of speech checks. We’d all be running around with our pants on backwards and probably be sucking our thumbs like Fat body Stelter. 

Yet, that is probably why we are seeing the results we are. It’s not just the position as the Media but as well as the Education Sector, the Legislative Branch and much of it we can blame on Jobama. 

The Climate Alarm back in 2009 was ringing off the hook when the Culture Revolution was bolstered by the 44th President. Was anyone paying attention then? Probably not because Hillary Clinton was too busy making the news about hitting the Reset Button with Russia. An under the current Administration, the blood sucking loons are not only wanting to take back what they feel is there’s to take, but they’ll be continuing to take it as long as you stay compliant and pay attention to the pubes in the tube. 

So- what’s my point? 

My point is this.

A recent study clearly says that Americans today are afraid to share their political views in 2023. Now, I cannot imagine why that is? I mean- we’ve heard about how this Administration has weaponized every faction of the Government to protect the minority in this Country because “Joe Says So” and somehow, we are alright with the idea that the FBI, should be allowed to oversee how a parent should conduct themselves in an Institution that your tax dollars pay for? Someone tell me that I am dreaming… seriously, this cannot be happening.

Oh, but it is, in fact it is happening everywhere. Have you been into a Hosptial lately? They have signs up here in Michigan that says, we will not Tolerate Violence. Now, think about that. I am going to go seek help from a doctor and the last thing I would ever think to see is a Medical Clinic choosing to shovel their Ideology down my throat and then ask me about the items I may be in possession of in my home. 

Folks, this is the American Chyna you are living in. The cabinet from the 70’s that sat in the dining room, the dishes decided to one day evolve and then grow legs, demand the door to be opened and then find areas in your home to dwell in, peacefully. Yet, this is really what tolerance has created. I know, I have said this numerous times and I hate repeating it to, but the results of what Self- Censorship and giving up to really question what they hell you are looking at or hearing, has become the New Normal for most of us.

In a series that Zee and I are currently working on- we briefly speak about this very point. And it’s truly remarkable that this shows up in almost every conversation that you have with people in general.  “You cannot say that or this because …”

Well, if you say this because you were raised by parents and not wild boars, then Bravo to your parents! Yet, last time I checked, we are not living in the past when people actually respected each other, and the Politics of the Country wasn’t based on hunting heads of outspoken conservatives in television. 

In fact, I am going to step out and clearly say that if you’re choosing to self-censor, I want to see your birth certificate, seriously. Thats where I am today. I am going to question just how really American you are, and I can, because that’s exactly what the Left in this Country is doing to you, native starshine.

Seriously, lets read it again: “the term has been used to describe a preference for inclusive language and avoidance of language or behavior.”

Isn’t that a kick in the head?

People in General on social media, myself included has said there is another way. Just avoid the news, socialization and the internet altogether, that’ll work- right?

No, it’s not going to.

The damage of burying the hatchet and sticking your head in the sand has cost this country in ways that we will be lucky if 2 generations live a good life, at best. And I say that because we have a generation growing up that my own Governer believes that self-mutilation is a good example to set for young people who are unhealthy and mentally questionable. It’s sad, but more than sad, it’s pathetic to a degree. We have allowed this to happen and all because we chose to put on a mask and follow the first man in front of us in line, no questioned asked, period. 

That being said, Actions once again favored defeat verses our voice. 

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