Show Notes: OZ Fest Morning Mission – Obstruction of Judgement

severed conscience

Great Lakes Gretch Get A C- For Michigan

This graphic was produced by Whitmer’s own civil engineers.  Note C- for dams – what did Dana Nessel’s lawsuit for the lake mussels in Midland do for that infrastructure other than cause a flood?  We’ve talked about that on Rumble.

Whitmer’s lack of progress is dismal, but this is just a sign of her duplicitous nature.  In the meantime, red flag laws are passed that create a society of snitches.  Take away someone’s freedom and replace it with the ability to control your neighbors life through innuendo and social pressure and you appeal to the dark nature of resentful people. 

Amazingly the voters of Michigan re-elected Whitmer her authoritarian lockdowns, so controlling that a state petition limited her executive powers despite Republicans refusing to impeach her for destroying Constitutional rights.  O wrote a fantastic article “4 more years of Failure, Promised.” after Whitmer’s acceptance speech that laid out where we were headed in January of 2023.  We have nearly surpassed Whitmer’s vile promises to strip more of our freedoms away.

First It Was the COVID We Breathed Out, Now the Air We Breath In Is Dangerous

Air pollution alert and the answer is always to mask up and stay inside.  Is this always the best thing?  And are these measurements accurate, like the PCR tests were?

Note that many of these regions in the risk zone are rural. 

The Danger of Community Notes On Twitter

At the beginning of the Castro regime, articles that were contrary to the communist positions were labeled as being written by non party members.  This created the stigma of subversion that then lead to “halting” dangerous disinformation. 

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