Show Notes: BEL #44 – More Cowbell

the mighty humanzee
By The Mighty Humanzee

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Congress upgraded the budget thanks to McCarthy’s betrayal, so we decided to upgrade Blue’s tambourine to a cowbell.

severed conscience

Ultimate Cowbell Song


McCarthy Caved

Deal Is Reached Over Memorial Day

Newt Gingrich sees a silver lining.  But he at least went through the process of shutting down the government. 

“My prediction is that this will be the first debt ceiling in history where they actually cut spending,” Gingrich said, later adding that it will be “a big breakthrough for fiscal conservatives.”

“I’m moderately optimistic that it will work out,” he said, while pointing out that a deal would be “a successful moment,” but “it’s not done yet.”

Newt Gingrich ‘moderately optimistic’ on where debt limit talks sit: ‘But it’s not done yet’

House Committee Advances Debt Ceiling Deal To Full Vote

But the Brainerd Says Everything is Fine

Target Protests

Oh wait, this protest was for George Floyd!

5 Target stores have received bomb threats for WITHDRAWING support

Which is the REAL AOC?

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