Servered Conscience: A Walk into Salem

severed conscience

Massachusetts Bay was a colony in New England which became one of the thirteen original states of what would later be defined as the USA. It was chartered on October 7, 1691, by William III and Mary II, the joint monarchs of the kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and was based in the merging of several earlier British colonies in New England. During this time, a recorded event in Salem placed this small colony into History books. It would become the docket point of one phrase that has reemerged in America today, known as the “witch hunt”. While yes- Salem was one of many that was recorded, we must sit down and revisit a historical bias that killed 19 people. Not to just fathom the identity of what caused this pouring out of judgement but what was the initial temperature of those who were so impressed and compelled to kill.

 Did the Witch Trials of 1692 work? Most importantly for Whom and how does that form of Manipulation contribute to what we see today in society? 

 Through this walk into the woods of history we are going to realize that there is this newer and reoccurring idea in America where we’ve heard it from even our own Representatives say  “one size fits all”.. but is that really a good representation for today?

 American History is extensive, the fact that the Salem Witch trials exist and is known to some as one of History’s marker for the idea of Cultural Construction, we need to realize that there are serious societal implications in how this was first interpreted.  That being said, repeating the opening of Severed Conscience- the History of Manipulation- the series where we uncover that More Misery has been used as a means to place people into a position that allows the current standard of Society to be the judge over the value of human life. In theory: Nature, Life and the value of it all-falls victim to this manipulation. We are going to clearly draw out the point that certain priority people translate to the means of a Dark Past and that while yes, it was wrong- it should be most importantly placed in correct terms acknowledging the condition of that particular time. 

So- why does the Salem Witch Trials really encase the argument of manipulation and has man really evolved into a far better place today verses then? 

The Witch Hunt of 1692 is seen many times as an example of how   justice should not be served. New Age thinkers have used the position many times to highlight the trials to point fingers as to what is seen as a Radicalization of Culture and most importantly, never apply the tactic because it is inhumane. But what many refuse to acknowledge- this was a time of Bristish Monarchy not American Law. Many trials thru this period of time were followed by execution and that was to serve as the Standard. Pre- American Society would be forged thru public consensus that would later give birth to Statehood as well the fundamental liberties that Americans hold true to when it comes to describing America as being Great. We know these to be the Freedom to Express and Religious Liberty.

If we rejected the Salem trials and wanted to peruse a course as to say this never did exist- then you would have quite the issue on both sides of the spectrum when it comes to political discourse. That being said, one may consider a certain form of elites painting the illustration as a delusion of History, not formed from Truth or experience. 

So why am I framing this Context?

In the age of the puritans, we come to A fork in the road that clearly defines these people beliefs, lives, and actions. Any possibility of having their livelihood or pursuits threatened, accountability, should of course- follow. I personally do not feel led to believe that it happened because they feared demons or witches. Instead, this was framed thru the same fear they endured from a Higher form of Government.  Consider being a witness of an entity hunt your family, friends or neighbors down based on their rejection of the formal Monarchy you fled? Now please remedy this in how you should handle justice being served to those who you realize do not fit the community notation.  In other words, how do you correct the path which has been used against you so much so- that the only rightful way to see justice being served is coming to the same conclusion that you fled?

Truth be told, the History of Manipulation is in fact a vehicle not just a method. In my mind, this has been used and reapplied since Pre-America, yet what about today?

Within the last 5 years, People in General have been witnesses to how abuse through governing agencies have been channeled, through a narrative and held as captives for the means to radically change Society or be charged because of the lives they’ve created. This purpose was to serve a “common agenda” where Priority People placed a guide of belief upon us that was far more important than living and perusing life as we chose it. 

As I wrote a few months back in an article called: Wherever Law ends, Tyranny Begins”; I outlined within my means at best- why it was developed as being a bridge for People from all walks of life to cross regardless of the circumstances from Nations, who have used oppression, manipulation, and Iron fist to pursue Power over the value of the individual and their lives.

In closing:

“The Sovereignty of Man’s body and mind belongs to the individual, that equates Life.” As I pointed out, the founders forged themselves through their experiences based on their common love and duty for “We the People” because they understood that under Tyranny, Life itself yielded nothing to the future.

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