Blind Acceptance

This article is part of our Severed Conscience series, and is based on the research by Orangezipple1 and Kelly Trowhill LLMFT, MAFPc.

By Orange
severed conscience

The History of Manipulation is a comparison to both the World and our Nation which had to be included to understand that even though it is 2023, we still find that leaders are choosing to use manipulative context, signs, and arrows that all point to what we define as a severing of the Conscience. 

Compliance and Fear used as a tool of choice and convenience was applied to move a variety of people, not just based on their personal beliefs but as well by age. We see this thru History which gives way to a silent but private form of consent that engages a slow hypnosis that influences the alternative verses the reality of what is happening to you and around you. 

As Americans, we have been the witnesses to a variety of these slow processed exercises that have changed the means in creation, thought and behavior in Society- primarily when it comes to our self-preservation, independence and most importantly, future.

The people of the past were truly resilient to changing times. They teach us that no matter the possible circumstances of the situation before us, history itself, reserves a portion to those who understand the misfortune and take it upon themselves to interject courage when it was needed the most. In many cases America was foundational to an everchanging World and that no matter the need, WE, as One Nation, have come to understand and acknowledge the value of personal virtue. The fact is that while history isn’t necessarily beautiful, the truth on its own standing is a radical lesson of humanity. 

Still today, we lack a realization from recent years that masking up was just enough of a slight but subtle distraction to impair how we process activity and people in the world around us. The lack of physical socialization because of bat flu incased our emotions and fears that drove us into anger and resentment towards people who we entrusted our lives and communities with.

Why am I saying this?

Because it really isn’t a New Age Argument. Instead, it is just the pronouncement of a government that rejects the checks and balances from any Authority. We see that same placement of resistance in Pre-America. When consensus took place and it was very much informal, the means provided very little if any real protections to the individual. Factions that do resort to said means of force rather than due process send a clear message that the interest of Government have change for the worse and these examples are still very much in practice: case in point, January 6th prisoners. 

Severed Conscience is a unique but critical argument that Kelly, Zee and I have labored thru months of information on. We’ve realized the footprints through treading these beaches of forgotten past that these tactics are still very much on display and yes, absolutely, are being used to manipulate choices and thoughts in our everyday life.  That being said, the distinct violation of Government agencies choosing to impede on a Society or Community has shown that it never ends happily. 

Most importantly, what we do today, does matter.  So, we must ask ourselves:

Do we settle for Blind Acceptance, or do we Choose Reality?

You be the Judge. 

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