Show Notes: BEL #46 – Documents In The Crapper, Welcome To New Paperless Office

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Will The Real Joker Please ...

The Riddler
The Joker

DoJ Putting The Squeeze On the Crapper Docs. Uh oh Mr Whipple

17 Audio Recordings.  17 Is Like A Magic Number?

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Delaware is handling the ongoing federal criminal investigation into Hunter Biden. It is allegedly up to U.S. Attorney David Weiss, a Trump-appointed holdover, to decide whether to indict the president’s son. In February 2021, Joe Biden asked all Senate-confirmed U.S. attorneys appointed by Trump for their resignations, with Weiss a rare exception.

What is U.S. Attorney Weiss doing with respect to these alleged Joe and Hunter Biden recordings that are apparently relevant to the high-stakes bribery scheme?” Grassley asked Monday.

Trust Us We’re The DoJ.  See the papers?  Uhhh ….

Is Trump In His Element?

The Justice Department has done tremendous damage to itself — and, potentially, to this case — due to its prior history with Trump. FBI and Justice officials have shown open bias against him and have treated him differently than figures like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. That record was further exposed recently by another special counsel, John Durham, who found that the Justice Department lacked a basis to launch the Russia-collusion investigation.

More Stasi Theater – Stasi Mystery Theater 3000

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan unveiled the damning testimony of Steven D’Antuono, the former assistant director of the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO), who expressed uneasiness about the manner the Biden regime chose to search Trump’s home.

… assertively pushed for the FBI to promptly execute the search warrant,” did not seek consent to search the premises.

Robert of The Shire Calls it Insurrection:


Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich wrote Sunday on Facebook that former President Donald Trump should be disqualified from running again, not just because of his indictment, but under the Fourteenth Amendment.

“Not only should Trump be prosecuted,” Reich wrote, “but Section 3 of the 14th Amendment clearly bars anyone from holding office who has ‘engaged in insurrection’ against the United States of America. He should be disqualified from running for president. It’s that simple.”

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