Show Notes: Morning Mission – These Aren’t The Tweets You’re Looking For

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By The Mighty Humanzee

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The Twitter distraction game is in high gear.  It’s an old strategy.

severed conscience

The Strategy ...

We’re doing a lot of cheerleading for heroes who are just bait and switch front people.  When we hear them voice our values and think the battle is done, it’s just gives us a release valve for anger and then captures our attention.

Mr Barr ...

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Mr McCarthy ...

Deal Is Reached Over Memorial Day

Newt Gingrich sees a silver lining.  But he at least went through the process of shutting down the government. 

“My prediction is that this will be the first debt ceiling in history where they actually cut spending,” Gingrich said, later adding that it will be “a big breakthrough for fiscal conservatives.”

“I’m moderately optimistic that it will work out,” he said, while pointing out that a deal would be “a successful moment,” but “it’s not done yet.”

What About Marge?

Greene flips on public release of Jan. 6 tapes, claims it could ‘put the security of the Capitol at risk’

Elawn Playing Both Sides of The Fence

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