Show Notes: Morning Mission – When Lightning Strikes

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Our folly of defying nature has consequences, but are we too arrogant to recognize the dangers of the transgender agenda?

severed conscience

Woke Church Burnt to Ground After Lightning Strikes

A church in Spencer Massachusetts whose congregation and pastor supported the rainbow agenda of sames sex marriage and transgender affirmation was struck by lightning.

Trans Agenda Supported by Churches

While it’s not known if CommonSpirit Health has performed transgender surgeries on children, the use of puberty blockers suggests it is treating minors for gender dysphoria in some capacity, Hichborn told The Epoch Times.

The horrifying thing when you start getting into the science of the puberty blockers and the transitional hormones, is they do permanent damage to these kids. They talk about how puberty blockers just kind of put a pause on puberty or pubertal development, and that’s a lie,” he said. “It doesn’t put a pause on it; it actually damages these kids to the point that many of them wind up being sterile.”

Girl Was Groomed At Age 11 Online

Jane, now 18, was influenced by people online when she was just 11 and told her parents that she was a boy, prompting them to ask for guidance from doctors.

The Rainbow Connection

Book published in the 1960s that our internet turned all LGBTQ agenda items.

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